The majority of us adore Christmas. There will be time to spend with friends and family, a large glittery tree in the house, and possibly some fireworks! But have you considered how your pet might react in these situations? Any changes in their environment, especially those that are sudden and loud, can be very stressful for your cat!

To help you and your cat have a wonderful holiday season together, consider how your pet feels in these situations and what you can do to help.

How we perceive Christmas situations VS your pet

  • Family and Friends gathering for a party
    Your cat’s normally quiet and peaceful home is crowded with new visitors, different smells, noise, and movement when visitors arrive in your home.
  • Exciting Christmas parcels being delivered
    While the seemingly endless deliveries are thrilling for you and your family. Ringing doorbells, knocks on the door, and strangers arriving but not entering the house can all be perplexing for your cat. Large parcels and boxes will also have strange odors and may obstruct their usual spaces in your home.
  • Amazing Fireworks displays
    Loud bangs and the sound of fireworks can be terrifying for your cat, especially since they have no idea where they are coming from or what they are.
  • A sparkling tree inside
    Is a normal resting spot being replaced by a large flashing tree? Your cat believes that trees live outside! Cats have a natural desire to climb, so your kitty will be delighted to see so many branches to pounce on.
  • New toys
    With all those presents being opened, there’s bound to be a lot of noise and even loud objects flying around the house, especially with children’s toys! All of these new things may frighten your cat!
  • Lazy days and late nights
    Being at home for the holidays may also mean a change in routine, with late breakfasts, lazy mornings, and staying up later than usual. Evenings can be spent watching movies together, but keep in mind that louder movies with loud bangs may stress your cat.
  • Festive Night outs
    We all enjoy the extra-special social occasions that occur around the holidays, from evenings out with friends to work parties; you may find yourself out more than in! However, being left alone at home more than usual may have an effect on your cat’s behavior.

How can you help your cat cope?

cat climber
COZIWOW cat climber
  1. Provide your cat with a hiding place – Cats prefer to be up high and out of the way when they are stressed; this is usually their best coping mechanism.
  2. Give them privacy – If they choose to hide in the spare bedroom, leave them alone and do not try to coax them out into an environment in which they are not at ease. While they have selected their new safe haven. Make their lives easier by providing all of their primary resources for use in their safe room. Food, litter, and water.
  3. A COZIWOW Wall-Mounted Cat Climber Set can be used to provide a reassuring environment in the area they choose to spend most time in.  Coziwow Collapsible Cat Tunnel Cubes can also be applied to their bedding or to provide additional support for the kitty’s self-entertainment.