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rabbit hutch

What is the Ideal Rabbit Bed?

In addition to bedding, you may want to consider purchasing a specialized bed for your pet. There are rabbit-specific wooden beds available. These will fit perfectly in your rabbit’s hutch. Because these are essentially doll beds, they are only ideal for smaller, lighter rabbits. They will never be mistaken...

What Is the Best Baby Bunny Bedding? CW12X0412 sp1 rabbit hutch

What Is the Best Baby Bunny Bedding?

It is vital for the health of baby bunnies to find the correct rabbit bedding. A rabbit under the age of six months will still have its newborn fur. This implies they must be kept warm. Use warm bedding that maintains a consistent body temperature until your rabbit reaches adulthood....

rabbit hutch

What Kind of Bedding Do Rabbits Need?

A hutch and food are insufficient for a baby or adult rabbit. You must also ensure that your rabbit is warm, safe, and comfortable. As a result, providing the proper substrate goes a long way toward attaining this goal. The greatest rabbit bedding can assist keep your pet healthy...

rabbit cage

3 Ways To Choose A Rabbit Hutch

Keeping a rabbit as a pet can be fun, since they are sociable animals. It’s important to give your rabbit a good cage so he will enjoy being there. Take the time to choose the right one for the comfort and health of your pet. Choosing a rabbit hutch...