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Security Center

Stay Safe from Internet Scams

We know that you try to protect yourself from fraud on the internet. The information that follows is designed to help you identify and avoid internet scams and phishing attempts.

Genuine COZIWOW websites are always hosted on one of the following domains:

For customer service inquiries, please verify the following contact information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 818-423-6890 / 714-485-6570/ 213-270-5720 213-278-3575

Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Displays Jaxpety Corp Name:

Coziwow is one of the brands under Jaxpety Corp. We use the name Jaxpety Corp for external payment collection rather than Coziwow.

Credit Card Payment Showing PayPal on the Bill:

Coziwow utilizes PayPal as its transaction processing service. It is normal for the PayPal name to appear in the billing details.

Issues with Credit Card Payment and Website Prompts:

In case of difficulties using a credit card and encountering prompts to try again or use a different card, buyers are advised to contact their issuing bank or PayPal customer service (if the buyer has a PayPal account). Please note that COZIWOW does not have access to buyer’s payment privacy information.

Purchase product accessories or expedited delivery:

Please exercise caution and refrain from transferring funds directly to any account. Kindly reach out to us first, and COZIWOW will promptly send an invoice to facilitate the additional payment process to your account.

Refund Process:

Please check the only email and two phone numbers. COZIWOW will not ask you for any banking information over the phone or send you a refund link. As per PayPal’s refund policy, for orders within 180 days, COZIWOW will process the refund directly. For orders exceeding 180 days, COZIWOW typically requests the buyer to submit an invoice to the COZIWOW payment account for the refund.

Please be cautious of any other contact details, as using unauthorized channels may compromise the security and authenticity of our customer support.

Recognize Scams

Scammers will try to reach you where you least expect it, including by phone, email, or text message. Be suspicious of any unusual request for your personal or financial information. Don’t click on links that come from people you don’t know, and don’t respond. It’s safest just to delete these messages. Follow these tips to help you recognize and protect yourself from fraud and scams:

  1. Email phishing is one of the most common ways that people become victims of financial fraud, ransomware, or worse. Be suspicious of any email that promises a deal that is too good to be true, demands you take immediate action, includes attachments or links, or asks you for personal Never click on a link or open a file in an email unless you are absolutely certain that you know the sender and that the message itself makes sense.
  2. Be suspicious of any request for personal or account information. COZIWOW will never ask you to confirm your account password or personal details by e-mail.
  3. Never open or download files attached to emails you aren’t expecting, even if they seem to come from people or businesses you know. These attachments can infect your system with malware that can steal your personal information, take money from your accounts, buy things on your account, and send scam emails to all your email contacts!
  4. Watch out for pop-ups that tell you that you need to verify account information, click a link, or download software. When in doubt, close your browser and type in the company’s URL or use a familiar bookmark.
  5. Scammers will try to reach you where you least expect it, including by text. Don’t click on links that come from people you don’t know, and don’t respond. It’s safest just to delete these messages.
  6. Don’t respond to phone requests for your account information either. COZIWOW will never ask you for your password or financial information over the phone.

Recognize Fake Emails

Fake emails often include the COZIWOW logo and a fake COZIWOW address in the “From” line.

Please confirm COZIWOW’s official contact information:

  1. The only customer service email: [email protected]
  2. COZIWOW won’t ask you to provide confidential information by email.
  3. COZIWOW will not request personal data such as your password, or credit card information in an email.

Recognize Fake Web Pages

Fake emails often include links to fake web pages designed to trick you into giving up your financial or account information.

Please confirm COZIWOW official websites:

Make sure you’re on a real COZIWOW sign-in page

Before you sign in to COZIWOW, make sure you’re really on our website by checking the web address (URL) on the sign-in page.

When You Order and Purchase

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the real COZIWOW site.
  2. Complete your payment using an eligible payment method.
  3. Do not share your credit card or other financial information over email or text.
  4. Don’t be fooled by offers to get a better price by paying outside of COZIWOW or by using an unapproved payment method.
  5. Due to potential for fraud, we don’t allow buyers and sellers to complete sales outside of COZIWOW. These sales are not eligible for Feedback, requests for contact information, or COZIWOW’s customer services.
  6. Don’t transfer money directly into a seller’s payment account. Instead, use a secure payment site such as PayPal, where money is transferred between two electronic accounts.
  7. Avoid communicating with sellers privately off of COZIWOW.
  8. Don’t agree to unusual requests to make additional payments for previously unlisted charges after the sales transaction is complete.
  9. Don’t share unnecessary personal information with buyers or sellers.