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How to Clean a Cat's Ears cat封面图 cat wellness

How to Clean a Cat’s Ears

Checking your cat’s ears is an important part of routine cat care. Regular inspecting and cleaning your cat’s ears may help to prevent infections. How do you know if your cat’s ears need cleaning? When your cat’s ears are red, inflamed or painful. You should clean your cat’s ears if you...

Nail Trimming & Scratch Board 图片3 2 3 cat wellness

Nail Trimming & Scratch Board

Cat parents are well aware of the destruction that their feline friends’ claws can cause, not just to furniture and decor, but also to human skin. As a result, many pet owners are apprehensive about administering vaccinations, deworming, and medication to their cats. Some even contemplate trimming or removing...

How Do Indoor Cats Get Fleas? How Do Indoor Cats Get Fleas1 cat wellness

How Do Indoor Cats Get Fleas?

Cat fleas are very normal and they’re the most common reason for a cat to develop a skin problem. On outdoor cats, fleas hop aboard for a free meal when they roam the yard, but can indoor cats get fleas, too? 1.What Are Cat Fleas? Fleas are a type of external...