Did you know that just by the shape of his eyes, your cat is attempting to communicate with you? Every time a cat blinks, their eyes convey a different message that expresses their emotions and e-meow-tional state. You can interpret these unspoken messages from your cat by paying attention to its pupils and body language. Understanding the message concealed in your cat’s eyes can help you and your cat communicate on a whole new level.

The Shape of a Cat’s Eyes Differs From a Human’s

Have you ever questioned why a cat’s eye has the particular shape it does? While the pupils of humans are rounded, those of cats are compressed into vertical slits. 1 Like human pupils, cat pupils expand in the dark and contract in the light. Cats’ pupils, which are vertical slits rather than circles, have a wider range of sizes, which improves their ability to see in the dark. Cats may be able to perceive depth better thanks to vertical slits.

Cats Can Say Six “Words” with Their Eyes

Your cat’s distinctive eyes can communicate six messages to you, though the precise meaning may change slightly depending on the situation. You’ll quickly comprehend your cat at a completely deeper level than ever before if you first watch her eyes and then pay attention to the body language that corresponds.

1. “Relaxed” Smiling Eyes

<strong>CAT EYE MEANING: READING YOUR CAT'S EYES</strong> 1 cat Cat Blogs

Your cat may half-close his eyes in a way that appears to be very calm and relaxed when he is particularly happy. He might even have droopy eyelids.

When your cat is curled up in your lap, you might notice this. He half-closes his eyes as you gently stroke his soft fur. Your cat is grinning at you by doing this.

2. “Good Vibes” Slow Blink

<strong>CAT EYE MEANING: READING YOUR CAT'S EYES</strong> 2 cat Cat Blogs

Your cat will slowly close and open her eyes as she makes eye contact with you, whether she is in your lap or across the room.

Your cat will slowly blink to let you know there is nothing to worry about and how much she loves you. Your cat is trying to make you feel better by giving you a slow blink. Many cats will slow blink in response if you slow blink first.

3. “Check Yourself” Stare

<strong>CAT EYE MEANING: READING YOUR CAT'S EYES</strong> 3 cat Cat Blogs

Another way to communicate is with a protracted, steady gaze.  If a slow blink doesn’t go along with the stare, cats use it as a dominant technique. This can be a cat’s method of exerting dominance over another cat, displaying who “owns” what, or communicating a warning to another cat.

Additionally, this explains why cats are drawn to people who aren’t actively staring at them. A person who is not staring gives off a friendlier vibe.

4. “Alert” Wide Eyes

<strong>CAT EYE MEANING: READING YOUR CAT'S EYES</strong> 4 cat Cat Blogs

Your cat may be excited if its eyes are wide open and have dilated pupils. Cats, for instance, enlarge their pupils when focusing on prey. Who hasn’t seen the animated GIF of the cat poised to attack, his pupils wide with anticipation? Your cat gets very excited about pouncing on his prey or chasing that feather wand toy in situations like this.

Wide eyes may indicate that your cat is about to release some pent-up energy through play or mischief. Has he just knocked something off a shelf to catch your eye, and is now gazing at you with large eyes to see how you will respond? He gets an adrenaline rush as he prepares to run away or play.

5. “Danger’s Afoot” Saucer Eyes

<strong>CAT EYE MEANING: READING YOUR CAT'S EYES</strong> 5 cat Cat Blogs

Your kitten senses danger if she has wide eyes and a tense body, whether she is startled out of nowhere or getting ready for a fight. Look for a tail that is puffed out, lowered, or sideways. When you’re petting her, watch for rippling fur and an aggressively twitching tail to see if she’s overstimulated.

6. “Bring It On!” Narrowed Eyes

<strong>CAT EYE MEANING: READING YOUR CAT'S EYES</strong> 6 cat Cat Blogs

Regardless of whether his pupils are narrow or wide, a cat who is about to fight another cat may have narrowed eyes. Keep an eye on his body language in this situation. Are his ears relaxed? Does his fur have a vertical stand? Is he growling or is his body tense? Cats’ eyes can quickly change in size when fighting.

Eyes Can Be Windows to Health Issues

The condition of your cat’s eyes can also reveal any potential health problems. Take your cat to the vet for an examination if she is squinting, especially with one eye, or if the eye is watering excessively or has discharge.

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Your cat’s eyes truly are the windows to its soul, as is commonly said. You can tell when your cat is relaxed and wants to cuddle or when he’s stressed and might need some assistance calming down by learning to read the meaning in his eyes.