Dogs sleep in a variety of areas, including your bed, their own bed, a sunny position on the floor, and their dog crate, to mention a few. A dog crate can keep your canine companion out of mischief while also providing you with piece of mind when you’re not at home. A dog kennel should ideally provide your dog with security and comfort (and even better if you personalize it for their own unique needs). Of course, this raises the issue of where to keep a dog kennel.

Looking for the perfect location? We’ve got your back. Remember that a dog crate is designed to provide a safe environment for your pet while also assisting in his or her training, so how you use that area in your home is critical.

Where to put a dog crate in your home

Dogs are known to be very social animals who enjoy being around their owners. In fact, dogs are seen as an integral component of the family’s daily existence. As a result, your dog’s crate should provide a joyful experience rather than a traumatic, negative one.

A high-traffic area is best for social pups

Given these considerations, the optimum location for your favorite dog cage should be in a busy area. This location will assist your dog pick up on the atmosphere of the household, making him or her feel like a true member of the family.

Perhaps you’ve had your dog for a long and believe a crate will be more useful, or perhaps you’re still crate-training your new puppy. Maybe you’re teaching your dog to like his crate, or maybe you just want him to relax in there. Whatever it is, the optimal location is always in or near the home. This allows your dog to view everything that is going on in the house. It will make them feel like they are a part of the family. Hiding the kennel in a basement or laundry room, for example, is extremely unjust because your dog will be excluded from all home activities.

The specific location of your dog box differs from house to house. It could be in the living room for some, while it could be in the kitchen or any other busy area for others. Make sure your dog’s crate is in an area where you can see what’s going on in the house.

dog crate

A quiet spot is best for anxious dogs

You could also put your dog’s crate in a peaceful corner. It may seem counterintuitive to the preceding principle, yet a central place might become too much at times. Parties, animated family mealtimes, loud music, and unexpected visitors, among other things, can cause anxiety in dogs. You may also have guests that are allergic to pets.

What about my bedroom?

Your bedroom is an excellent area for puppy care. Your infant will undoubtedly feel safe and included in your bedroom. Being newly adopted or being removed from their litter, shelter, or foster home creates a void that must be filled. At a minimum, relocate the crate to your bedroom at night. A puppy in another room will feel insecure, agitated, and maybe abandoned. Getting a second crate is a good idea if you don’t want to transfer the crate from the bedroom to the living room or kitchen every day.

Tips for choosing a spot for your dog crate

  • When deciding where to put your dog crate, keep it away from the fireplace or radiator – you don’t want your dog’s blankets to catch fire by accident.
  • The location should not be drafty, as this can have a negative impact on your dog’s health over time.
  • Finally, avoid extreme cold or heat, as well as intense sunshine.

Consider your dog’s personality as well as your family’s lifestyle when deciding on a location for your dog crate. Keeping a dog box in a visible, high-traffic area is a fantastic idea since it allows your dog to feel like a member of the family. If you have a nervous dog or a boisterous household, it may be better to place the crate in a quiet location so your dog can escape the noise and excitement. When in doubt, purchase two crates so that you may always have the correct position for your pup’s crate without having to lug it about.