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rabbit recipe

Banana Carrot Ball Banana Carrot Ball封面 rabbit recipe

Banana Carrot Ball

Your furry friend deserves your exclusive favor. I’m very particular on what our bunnies eat. The bunnies are fed organic and making sure their treats are healthy. Here’s a quick and easy recipe I made up the other day and I wanted to share it because it’s so simple...

Banana Oatmeal Cookies Banana Oatmeal Cookies封面 rabbit recipe

Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Rabbit treats are a great way to reward your bunny and provide some variety in their diet. It is important to choose treats that are made with natural and healthy ingredients, such as oatmeal, pellets, parsley, carrot, and banana. Banana oat cookies provide your rabbits with the nutrients they...

Banana Biscuits Banana Biscuits封面 rabbit recipe

Banana Biscuits

Rabbits LOVE bananas! So there’s no way they won’t love these cookie cutter treats. Make the “dough” and create rabbit treats in whatever shape you want so you can give your rabbit some cute and yummy biscuits.

Fruits Biscuits biscuits封面 rabbit recipe

Fruits Biscuits

Making your own treats from home for your pets is a simple step toward healthy eating, knowing that all ingredients are natural and nutritious is nothing short of comforting. Just have a look at the easy beginners’ recipes with a twist.

Banana and Carrot Cookies banana封面 rabbit recipe

Banana and Carrot Cookies

Many store bought rabbit treats actually contain foods that are not ideal for a rabbit’s digestive system. Use this recipe, you can control the ingredients that go into your rabbits’ food as well as providing healthier treats.

Carrot Cake carrot rabbit recipe

Carrot Cake

If you’re a bunny mama or dad with a passion for DIY, we’ve got you covered. We’ve whipped up this easy cake for your favorite rabbit, made from the vegetables, fruits and oats hungry bunnies crave.