Cats typically snooze for 16 to 20 hours per day. You might wish to invest in a cat bed to stop your cat from resting all day on your bed, couch, or other items of furniture. You should think about the bed’s material, size, and style while selecting a bed for your cat. You might also wish to experiment with a few extra amenities, such heated beds or perches. If you want your cat to utilize their new bed, place it in an appealing spot once you’ve chosen the ideal one.

Method 1:Picking the Material of the Bed

Buy a bed crafted from organic materials. Your cat will be cozy in natural materials like cotton, wool, or feathers. Additionally, your cat is less likely to develop an allergy to these materials.

Make your bed washable. Fur, fleas, and even bacteria can accumulate on cat beds. You’ll want to be able to wash the bed sometimes as a result. Pick a mattress with a cover that can be taken off and cleaned.In some situations, you may even be able to wash the entire bed.

  • Check the label for cleaning instructions.

Stay away from beds with tassels and beads. Tassels and beads will be used to adorn some beds. Although they may be beautiful, your pet may be in danger from these. You don’t want your cat to ingest any beads or loose clothing. Consider a bed that is uniform and doesn’t have any simple-to-remove elements.

  • You can add style by choosing a color or pattern that complements the decor of your home.
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Method 2: Selecting the Style and Size of Bed

Measure the length of your cat. It’s crucial that you pick a bed that corresponds to your cat’s size. Measure your cat’s length from the top of its head to the end of its tail using a tape measure. Afterward, add a few inches. Choose a bed based on this measurement. By doing this, the bed will be comfortable without being overly little.

Think of a cup-shaped bed. Cats can be more comfortably accommodated in cup-style cat beds, which are normally round and have side walls. A cat that prefers to sleep curled up in a ball will love this particular form of bed.

Try sleeping in a cave. Some cats prefer to rest in protected locations. Your cat, for instance, might spend the majority of the day hiding under furniture. Try sleeping in a cave-style bed in this situation. These beds will offer some protection so that your cat can snooze in a roomy enclosure.

Think about the bed’s height. Some cat beds feature high sides so that your cat can be more comfortable. Make sure your cat can enter and depart the bed easily whether you have a kitten or an elderly cat with mobility concerns. Invest in a bed with a low side so that your cat may easily enter.

Method 3: Considering Additional Features

Consider a perch-equipped cat tree. You might want to think about getting a cat tree with sleeping perches and scratching posts. Your cat might appreciate relaxing on a high perch where it can have a nice view of its surroundings. This kind of bed can also be entertaining and active for your cat.

  • Cats who are young and energetic should use cat trees.
  • Be sure the perch can sustain your cat’s weight and to take into account your cat’s size.

Think about a warm bed. A heating unit that fits into a cat bed is available for purchase. If your cat has arthritis or joint trouble, or if you live in a chilly area, these beds are perfect. Cats enjoy being warm, therefore a heated bed can be the best solution for your feline friend.

Think about the cost. It’s crucial to establish a budget when looking for a new cat bed. Prices for cat beds can range from a basic pad to a luxurious cat tree with a perch. Take into account the pricing range for each bed model.

  • Regular cat bed: $20 to $50
  • Cat bed with heat: $50-$100
  • Cat condos or trees cost $100 and above.
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Method 4:Positioning the Bed in Your Home

Put the bed in the spot where your cat likes to sleep. Place the bed in a spot where your cat already prefers to sleep if you want them to utilize it instead of relaxing on your furniture during the day. Your cat might start using their own bed as a result.

Put the bed in a bright area. You might want to try placing your cat‘s bed in a sunny location since cats prefer to feel warm. Consider positioning the bed in a space with lots of windows and natural light.

Ensure the perch is safe. Some cats like to be able to see what’s around them. Make sure to put your cat’s bed somewhere stable, like the floor. Make sure the bottom is tight so it won’t slip if you place it on a high perch, like a windowsill. You shouldn’t put your cat’s bed on a high perch.