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82″L Extra-Large Wooden Rabbit Cage With Double Runs
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94.5″L 2 Story Spacious Rabbit Hutch
Rabbit CW12N0531
45″L Large Portable Folding Rabbit Hutch
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37″L Large Wooden Bunny Hutch With Wheels
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35″L 2-Tier Wood Indoor Outdoor Bunny Enclosure
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58″L 2-Tier Wooden Large Bunny Cage
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24″L Wooden Outdoor/Indoor Rabbit Enclosure
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58″L 2-Tier Wooden Rabbit Hutch
Rabbit CW12H0437
35″L 2-Tier Wood Rabbit House
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Rabbit The best choice for your pet
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82″L Extra-Large Wooden Rabbit Cage With Double Runs, For 2-3 Bunnies, Yellow

  • Constructed with a blend of Spruce, Galvanized Wire Mesh, and Asphalt Felt, this hutch ensures a durable and secure space for your pets. The dual-layered layout offers distinct areas for rest and play, featuring two activity zones with climbing ladders for added amusement. With secure horn buckles and lockable doors, the hutch guarantees the safety of your pets. Cleaning is a breeze with the pull-out tray at the center, simplifying the maintenance of a clean and comfortable living environment. Accommodating 2-3 rabbits or other small pets, Coziwow 82″L Extra-Large Wooden Rabbit Hutch combines practicality with spacious luxury, providing an ideal retreat for your cherished companions.
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