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35″L 2-Story Wooden Rabbit Hutch
Rabbit 2 2
38″L 3-Story Wood Rabbit Bunny Hutch
Rabbit CW12N0531
45″L Large Portable Folding Rabbit Hutch
Rabbit CW12F0525
35″L 2-Story Wooden Rabbit Hutch
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35″L 2-Tier Wood Indoor Outdoor Bunny Enclosure
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35″L Wooden Indoor Outdoor Bunny Home
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24″L Wooden Outdoor/Indoor Rabbit Enclosure
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58″L 2-Tier Wooden Rabbit Hutch
Rabbit CW12H0437
35″L 2-Tier Wood Rabbit House
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Rabbit The best choice for your pet
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Coziwow 35″L Wooden Indoor Outdoor Bunny Home With Metal Wire, Gray

  • Introducing the solid indoor outdoor wood bunny hutch – the perfect gift for your furry friend! Made of solid pine wood and coated with eco-friendly paint, this small animal cage is both durable and comfortable for rabbits, chicks, guinea pigs, and other small animals. It comes with a bottom nestan elevated platform, and a ramp, providing your pet with a sense of security and a fun place to play. The plastic put-out tray makes it easy to clean, while the solid wood roof and sturdy sprayed barbed wire protect your pet from outside predators. The openable roof and windows make it easy for you to feed and interact with your pet. Give your pet the gift of comfort and security with the bunny hutch.
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