The holiday season can be a joyful time for families, but it can also pose some risks to our furry friends. Here are some detailed holiday safety tips for pets to ensure they stay happy and healthy during this festival time.

Holiday Foods You Shouldn’t Share

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Be mindful of the foods you offer your pets during holiday celebrations. Avoid giving them chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, alcohol, and any foods containing xylitol (a sweetener found in many sugar-free products), as these can be toxic to pets. Keep an eye on them to prevent them from snatching food off the table or getting into the garbage.

Dangerous Decorations

Keep holiday decorations out of your pet’s reach. Avoid using tinsel, as it can be tempting for pets to play with and can cause intestinal blockages if ingested. Secure your Christmas tree to prevent it from toppling over if your pet decides to investigate. Also, be cautious with ornaments and lights, as chewing on wires can lead to electric shock or injuries.


Many popular holiday plants are toxic to pets, including poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe. Keep these plants out of your pet’s reach or opt for artificial versions instead. If you suspect your pet has ingested any toxic plant, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Candles and Open Flames

Pets can accidentally knock over candles or get too close to open flames, resulting in burns or even fires. Consider using flameless candles or keeping your pets in a separate area when lit candles are present.

Gift Wrapping

Keep an eye on your pets when wrapping gifts, as they may be tempted to play with ribbons, wrapping paper, or tape. Ingesting these can cause digestive issues or blockages. Keep gift-wrapping supplies out of your pet’s reach and tidy up any discarded wrapping materials promptly.

Holiday Stress is Not Just for People

The holiday season can be overwhelming for pets with all the visitors, loud noises, and changes in routine. Provide a safe space for them to retreat to, such as a quiet room with their bed or crate. Consider using calming aids, like pheromone diffusers or anxiety wraps, to help alleviate their stress.

Holiday Travel

If you’re traveling with your pet during the holidays, make sure they have proper identification and are safely secured in a carrier or harness while in the car. Plan ahead for pet-friendly accommodations and ensure your pet’s vaccinations and paperwork are up to date.

Guests Can Be Scary

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Inform your guests about any specific rules or restrictions regarding your pets. Some pets may become anxious or agitated around strangers, while others may try to escape through open doors. Ensure your guests know to keep doors closed and that your pet has a safe space where they won’t be disturbed.

Remember, the holiday season can be stressful for pets, so maintaining their regular routine as much as possible and providing them with plenty of love and attention can help them feel secure and content.