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No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow! This is a powerful season which is of rebirth and relaxation. The trees turn to emerald, streams flow, flowers bloom, all the natural things become vigorous. But what about your kitty? Is he or she getting some interesting springtime activities?

I guess you will have some worries about taking your fur baby outside. You may afraid that they are so timid that have to hide in some places. Or you may feel anxious if they are bitten by pests. And you don’t have any good ideas about giving your feline friend a wonderful outdoor experience. Here are some new thoughts for your reference!

Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash

If you want to take your cat on a walk, locking it in a kitty carrier backpack is not the only way. You can also teach your cat to walk on a harness! This not only keeps your kitty by your side but also avoids its sudden appearance startling others. Find a fitted leash, allow your cat to get used the special feeling and practice indoors first. For a while, you could go for a walk outside and enjoy your sweet springtime!

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Go on a Picnic with Your Cat

Having a picnic is one of the most attractive activities in spring. Why don’t you take you kitten to go with you? You could find a peaceful park or some secret places, make some delicious snacks, bring a soft picnic blanket and a portable tent, call up some friends and choose a good weather. What’s the most important thing is taking your cat! Hope you could bathe in the sunshine and have a warm picnic day!

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Join a Super Pet Party

You can join in the “cataholic club” and take part in their cat-only party! These cat persons are all enthusiastic and warm-hearted, so you don’t need to worry about your kitty’s safety. They will prepare a calm and spacious grassland, various cat food, funny and interesting racing games and other unusual but wonderful activities! All you need to do is remembering this unforgettable experience.   

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Don’t hesitate, just prepare your packages, pick up your camera, catch the funny moment and enjoy your cozy and colorful “healing journey”.