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Did you know that cats spend up to 25% of their waking time grooming their fur? Daily brushing will reduce the amount of hair a cat swallows during self-grooming with her tongue. In this blog, you can read how you can contribute to a soft, glossy and beautiful coat for your cat.


Regular brushing removes loose fur and distributes natural oils throughout your cat’s coat, helping to keep it shiny.

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When to Start

It is a good idea to get your cat accustomed to being groomed from a very early age. Gradually increase the amount of time you spend grooming your cat until it becomes a part of your cat’s daily routine.

Grooming Tools

Use appropriate grooming tools to remove tangles and matting. Stiff bristle brushes will help remove loose hairs from cats with short coats or sparse undercoats, while long-toothed metal combs or brushes are helpful to remove loose hair and smooth minor tangles in medium and long-haired cats.

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How to Groom

Ensure your cat is relaxed and happy. Long-haired cats may require daily brushing, while short-haired cats can often be brushed a few times a week.

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Be patient, gentle, and consistent with your grooming routine to help keep your cat’s coat shiny and healthy.