Potty training is always the most frustrating part of having a dog. Sadly, many dogs are surrendered to shelters due to potty training issues, but those dogs just need more practice to learn how to let their owners know when they want to do business. So how can you train your furry friend to do this? Here is a step-by-step guide for your reference.

1. Teach your dog to bark

If you can train your dog to bark, then you can train him to bark when he needs to go outside for the toilet too. Firstly, you need to monitor him for actions that cause him to bark. Does he bark while you make his food for example?

A Way to Teach Your Dog to Alert You When They Need to Go Outside for The Potty Time sfsz Classroom, dog class, dog training

2. Choose a verbal command

Choose a simple command word or phrase that you will use consistently when you want your dog to indicate that they need to go outside. Some popular choices include “outside,” “potty,” or “bathroom”. Whatever word you choose, make sure to use it consistently and frequently.

3. Teach your dog to use the bell

Set up a bell or any other jingling device on your door handle that your dog can reach easily. This way, when your furry friend is ready to go outside, they can ring the bell and alert you. Alternatively, you could train your dog to paw at the door, but a bell tends to work best.

A Way to Teach Your Dog to Alert You When They Need to Go Outside for The Potty Time zsd Classroom, dog class, dog training

4. Actions and rewards

Start training your dog to ring the bell every time they need to go outside. Secure him to a leash and then on the way out, hold your hand behind the bell with a treat so he has to knock the bell to get to your hand. As soon as he hits it and it makes a sound, give him a treat and reward him.

5. Be consistent

Every time you head out for the toilet, you need to make sure he hits the bell first. Over days and weeks, he will associate the sound with going to the toilet. He will soon think of the bell as a trigger and eventually start going straight to the bell when he needs the toilet.

6. Lose the treats

After several weeks of consistent reinforcement, start to slowly reduce the treats and praise. Eventually, your dog will associate ringing the bell with going outside, and the process of reinforcement will no longer be necessary.

Training your dogs to alert you when they need to do business is simple, but it requires patience and consistency. Following these steps will help you teach your furry friend how to communicate their potty break needs effectively.