Who can blame cats for being captivated by the great outdoors when there is so much going on? It’s not a good idea to let your cat roam free. In contrast to our indoor friends, who have an average lifespan of fourteen years, outdoor cats only have a four-year lifespan. Allowing your cat to go outside has several benefits, even if some breeds prefer to live indoors. The news is good! You may have the best of both worlds on a budget and stay away from the headaches of a DIY alternative by investing in an outside cat enclosure that is connected to your home.

Why Choosing Outdoor Cat Enclosure Connected To House

Cats enjoy being outside because it gives them access to fresh air, exercise, and the variety of natural sounds, sights, and motion. However, cats are susceptible to a range of external dangers.

An outdoor cat enclosure might be the ideal solution for keeping your cat safe, healthy, and happy whether your indoor cat longs to be outside or you are worried about your outdoor cat’s safety.

Catios are a popular trend in terms of the enrichment and safety of felines. A catio is an outdoor cat enclosure that may be erected in a window, porch, patio, deck, or yard. It is often referred to as a “cat patio,” and it comes in various sizes. Cats can enter the catio by a cat door installed in a window, wall, or door. There are many different sizes and designs of outdoor cat enclosures that are attached to houses. They range in size from little and unassuming to huge and refined, and they offer the members of the cat family several advantages.

Whether you have indoor or outdoor cats, here are the top five reasons to have an outdoor cat enclosure:
Here are the top reasons for choosing an outdoor cat enclosure, whether you have an outdoor or indoor at:

Protect Your Cat

There is no disputing that your privileged furry friends don’t belong in the great wide world; their shorter lifespan speaks for itself. Among the risks are the following:

  • Traffic accidents. These are the leading cause of unintentional mortality among outdoor cats.
  • Theft
  • Animals, including other cats dogs.
  • Poison, including lures, native plants, and fertilizer.
  • Disease, which includes fleas, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, and other parasites.

Your cat will be safe and secure for years to come in one of our safe outdoor cat enclosures attached to window. A DIY cat cage won’t offer the same level of security unless it is made by a costly specialist.

Reduce Vet Bills

Through interaction with sick cats or wildlife, diseases including feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), feline leukemia virus infection (FeLV), and rabies can be passed to your cat, costing you money at the clinic. A sizable outdoor cat enclosure might help you avoid worrying about your cat’s wounds and spending money on veterinary bills.

Protect Birds and Wildlife

They weren’t intended to rip apart furniture, important mail, or your favorite shoes with those razor claws and pointed teeth. Although it might be difficult to imagine, your furry little friend makes a perfect predator. The ABC reports that feral cats can obliterate up to 23 million natural species every day. Even though your pet seems friendly, animals are much more likely to display their wild side. If you appreciate Australian wildlife, protect it from your cat’s claws with a safe indoor or outdoor cat enclosure because our native species are unique and cannot be found anywhere else on the earth.

An Outdoor Cat Enclosure Gives Your Cat Space to Play

Like their wild ancestors, domestic cats have a strong want to play and climb. There’s no denying that cats value having their own space to retreat to, even though they may love a good fight with their owner. Your cats may enjoy the outdoors while still having lots of space to run around in with an outdoor cat enclosure, often known as a cat run. Keep the cage stocked with cat toys and offer it plenty of vertical space if you want to give it the best gift your feline friend could imagine.

Provide a Healthy Outdoor Lifestyle

Providing your cat with a play area may keep it healthy and active, but an outside enclosure has purposes beyond simple physical activity. By enabling your cat to enjoy some sunbathing, a strategically positioned large outdoor cat enclosure will give it the essential Vitamin D it needs. Keep shining, you wild jewels. Keep your cat in a controlled area, away from your neighbor’s garbage or vegetable garden, to keep its coat looking wonderful. Your neighbor might even like it!
Also keep in mind that even the nicest cats are reclusive, even possessive, and require a sense of control over their own space. If they don’t have a safe place to hide, they could feel unnecessary strain. Your cat can relax in safety and without having to cope with obtrusive people following it every move in an outside enclosure, which offers an escape for your cat’s reclusive moods.

Other Vital Reasons for Purchasing Outdoor Cat Enclosure Connected To House

Reduce the Free-Roaming Cat Population

If you prevent your cat from traveling freely, the number of stray cats in your neighborhood will drop by at least one. Male cats who haven’t been neutered risk contributing to unwanted litters that are placed outside to fend for themselves. The number of feral cats in your area can be reduced with the use of a decent outdoor cat enclosure connected to your home and spaying or neutering.

Reduce Indoor Multi-Cat Issues

Cats are naturally solitary, territorial hunters. Your cat will still need some alone time even though they may eventually learn to share an indoor space with another cat. A great way to give your other pets more territory and stimulation while also minimizing conflicts and behavioral problems is to build an outdoor cat enclosure that is connected to your home.

Promote Human and Feline Bonding Outdoors

You can get a large cat enclosure big enough to house your own chair, sofa, or reading bench. For some quality time and a cat nap, nothing beats having a cat on your lap! (Nature and clean air are advantageous to people.) Spending time together outside the home can improve your cat’s relationship with you.

Help Reduce Indoor Odors

If you have one or more cats, it’s also a good idea to include a litter box in your enormous outdoor cat enclosure. An outdoor litter box should never be used in place of an indoor litter box, while it does help to reduce the amount of waste that causes odors in your home. The typical rule is one litter box per cat plus one.

Good Neighbor Relations

Not everyone is a cat person. Even though they like cats, your neighbors might not like them leaving waste in their yard or garden. If they are cat caretakers, territorial disputes amongst cats may arise, leading to vet costs, anxiety, and strained relationships. In addition to keeping a cat in your yard, a cat cage can spark conversation.

They Are Great for Cats of Any Age

Most cats are content to live within the boundaries of their home and enclosure. If you don’t tempt them with travel, they won’t be seduced by the forbidden fruit. Older cats used to enjoying unrestricted freedom could have a harder time adjusting. If they are kept inside the house, they could get antsy, cranky, or even unhappy. A run or enclosure outside is a good place for a pupper. The impulse to stray will disappear in even the most stubborn cats if they are given a lovely, private habitat.


At COZIWOW, we have experience creating and building pet houses, and we have evolved and grown to be among the best in our industry. We make a lot of effort to maintain this position by constantly developing and innovating.

We’ve put together a group of devoted animal lovers that want to give you the best service possible. In order to give your beloved pet the best outdoor cat enclosure, we will pay attention to your needs and are always open to new ideas.

In a good outdoor cat cage that is connected to the house, life is excellent!