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Project Referral Promo 


In, we provide customers rich products like dog house, cat house, pig house, rabbit hutch, birdcage, and chicken coop, and other pet supplies. We process your orders within 24 hours, thanks to our warehouse in the United States. We are always committed to giving back our customers with the best products and services, and today we decide to launch Project Referral Promo to return customers’ support and encouragement.


Welcome to COZIWOW’S Project Referral Promo

Just 3 simple steps to do, you can get commissions from the sales you recommended. 


3 steps to get start

Step 1: Sign up for an account on

Step 2: Get your unique Refer Url / Member Code on Refer Friend Page.

Step 3: Share the Refer Url link/Member Code on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc, or email your friends.


Once you sign up the Coziwow Affiliate Program, use your own websites and social accounts to guide people to and place orders by specific links, banners, or coupons, we will pay you commissions for sales generated from your referrals.


4 reasons you should join the project

1)High Return: You can get a 6% commission on every sale you recommended. You can get 2% as a primary agent when your secondary agent supports others to spend on our site.

2)Easy to promo: You can get a 8% discount code that is the most valueable coupon of our brand to your friends & fans.

3)Long Time Cookies: You can get a 6% commission from us for any customer who clicks on the relevant link and places orders within 365 days(Unless the customers clear cookies).

4)Monthly Commission Back: You can get the commission at the end of each month.


Discount Policy: 

When you successfully recommend others to consume on our website, you automatically become a secondary agent. When someone you recommend successfully supports others to spend on our site, you will automatically become a primary agent, and the primary and secondary agents can enjoy the Commission return at the same time. 

The primary agent will get 2% for the orders that the secondary agent recommends. The secondary agent will get 6% for the every order that they recommend.


Project Referral Promo is a profit giving activity that we hope more consumers can participate in and take our excellent products at a lower cost. has always been devoted to using good pet supplies at a low price to give back to our lovely customers, and we hope this activity will attract more pet lovers and pet families to our website and enjoy the fun and convenience that our products can bring to them.


We welcome you to join us.



1) Coziwow Affiliate Program does not allow wholesalers to join, and sales commissions will be canceled once the bulk orders were found.

2) Coziwow Affiliate Program does not allow special coupon codes or any other special activities which are not uploaded or provided.

3) We will hold the commissions for 30 days in case order cancellation or return.

4) Refer Code must be applied on the shopping cart page to check out.



More to Know:

For more information and any further questions, please feel free to contact:

[email protected]


Our Campaigns

Pay per sale: You will receive (X) commission on the order total of the first purchase made via the affiliate referral link. In the next purchases, you will receive (Y) commission on the order total.

Discount policy: A customer who makes the first purchase via the affiliate referral link receives (Z) discount on the order total. In the next purchases, the customer will not receive any discount. However, the affiliate account continues receiving commissions from the next orders made by this customer.

Default Campaign

This is a sample campaign

Pay Per Sale Tier 1 $6.00 for first order. $6.00 for next orders.
Tier 2 $2.00 for first order. $2.00 for next orders.
Discount policy None
Valid Date Always