We completely understand your devotion to your chickens. They are almost human in their ability to cause coop drama with your other lovelies. Your chickens, like you and your children, deserve a comfortable place to lay their heads and nest. They also require safe chicken bedding to walk on without fear of splinters.

There is a lot of disagreement among chicken keepers about the best bedding for chickens. Some adhere to the traditional use of straw, while others believe that science indicates that sand should be the preferred material. There are also numerous other popular choices. However, after testing the bedding ourselves, we can confidently state that Coziwow bedding is heaven for your chicken coop.

You may be skeptical that we make such a strong claim because there are so many different beddings (and litters) to choose from. Most chicken blogs and websites will not tell you that each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. To dispel any negative bedding rumors you may have heard about this new bedding, we’ll explain why Coziwow is truly the best.

Coziwow Beats Straw, Sand, and Wood

Yes, we truly meant it when we said Coziwow outperforms straw, sand, and wood. These are the three best chicken bedding options for nesting boxes and coops. However, they each have significant flaws that contribute to their lackluster performance. This is where Coziwow bedding shines as the best bedding for your feathered friends.


Straw bedding is the oldest and most common type of chicken bedding. It is inexpensive and widely available, whether you grow it yourself, buy it from a feed store, or collaborate with a local farmer. Unfortunately, straw does not live up to the hype when it comes to absorbency. If you decide to fill your chicken coop with this ineffective bedding, your coop will become smelly faster and for a longer period of time.

On the other hand, Coziwow bedding is just as absorbent as peat moss and is quickly becoming the new fad among pet owners. Horses, small animals, reptiles, rabbits, and other animals enjoy this environmentally friendly product in their natural habitats. Even chicken owners are discovering the benefits of Coziwow bedding. Despite not having the same history and lineage as straw, it is already taking the litter/bedding world by storm.

chicken coop


Sand is a popular material for large, outdoor chicken coops. Sand is highly absorbent and forms a base that can be “turned” or raked to clean, saving you a lot of time as a chicken owner. Another popular chicken bedding fails, this time because it is too solid and sturdy for nesting boxes. Nothing motivates your chickens more than laying their precious eggs on an uncomfortable, rough surface.

Unlike sand, Coziwow bedding can be used for nesting boxes to provide your chickens with a dry, fluffy surface to rest on. Other chicken owners have suggested that the fluff in Coziwow bedding is similar to that of newspaper shreddings, but without the impossible cleanup. Your ladies will be in bedding heaven when they trot into their nesting boxes in a line and inspect the new flooring.


Finally, there are wood products such as shavings or chips. Because of their absorbency, they are one of the most popular options on the chicken bedding market. Wood shavings are an excellent choice for softness and comfort, and they are generally safe to ingest in small amounts by chickens. The scent of wood products also helps to mask unpleasant odors.

It is critical to choose wood that is safe for chickens. Pine and cedar shavings are two options available at supply stores, but there is some debate about whether they are safe for chickens. The scents they emit can cause respiratory problems in chickens with sensitive respiratory systems.

While Coziwow bedding has a bad reputation in human consumption, it is an environmentally friendly option for your children. Not only does it decompose faster than wood, but it also keeps entire forests from being mowed down. Although Coziwow is odorless, you won’t need any additional scents to mask nasty droppings because the bedding already does that.

Gentle Coziwow for Nesting Boxes

This ground-breaking bedding is ideal for when your feathered ladies need to take a break from their coop and nap in their nesting box. You know, unlike them, that it’s all about the eggs, and Coziwow bedding promotes that process. They like to scratch and explore the soft, fluffy material. They want to invest in Coziwow while abandoning other types.

Coziwow Dominates the Chicken Bedding

“Okay, sand bedding isn’t the best option for nesting boxes, but it’s fantastic for the coop floor,” you may be thinking. We’d agree with you on the many advantages of sand if there wasn’t a question about whether it’s harmful to your chickens. Play sand is universally recognized as toxic to your chicken children, and regular sand, like cedar shavings, can cause respiratory disease. They may enjoy the dust baths for the time being, but they will have no say in the matter later.

With sand out of the picture as most chicken owners’ preferred coop bedding, it’s easy to see why we like Coziwow bedding. It has the many advantages of sand while eliminating all losses and protecting rather than harming your prized chickens.

We Sell the Finest Chicken Bedding

As much as you love your chickens, they deserve the best, which is why we only sell Coziwow bedding. It is a great way for you to make your animals as comfortable as possible, from chicklings to adults, while saving the planet at the same time.

We take pride in fueling your chicken obsession and helping show you a better way forward with chicken bedding than the traditional options.