The most spooky holiday of the year has arrived! And while you may be looking forward to candy, ghosts, and goblins, your cat may be less enthusiastic. Cats dislike change, which is usually the case as the holidays approach. What can you do to keep your cat calm this Halloween? The key is to help your fuzzy kitty maintain her sense of security even when there is a lot going on around her.

1. Give Your Cat a Safe Room

If you’re wondering how to calm a stressed-out cat on Halloween, start by providing her with a “safe room.” This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate; just a quiet room where you can shut the door and keep your fuzzy feline away from all the noise and traffic.

Put food and water bowls, a litter box, her favorite toys, a cat scratcher, and a cozy bed inside. The COZIWOW Hidden Cat Tower Bed is an excellent choice for your cat’s safe room. This uniquely insulated bed can keep your kitty warm and snuggly without the use of electricity.

2. Turn on Soothing Background Music

A small amount of white noise in your cat’s safe room can help drown out the sounds of strangers chatting at a party or trick-or-treating outside. Test different sounds, such as white noise versus soft classical music, a few days before the event to see how your cat reacts.

3. Do Your Trick-or-Treating Outside

Move the trick-or-treating activities outside if you’re wondering how to lessen your cat’s anxiety on Halloween. Your cat may become distressed by ringing doorbells and frequently opening and closing doors. Therefore, let Kitty unwind inside while you sit outside and smile at all the kids who come by your house.

4. Maintain Traditions and Schedules

Routine is comforting to cats, who thrive on it. Maintaining your beloved purrson’s routine and traditions will help him stay calm. Play with him while you continue to feed him. Continue letting him cuddle up to you at night. It will all be helpful.

5. Give Your Cat a Heated or Covered Bed

cat bed

Cats love to be warm, whether it comes from an afternoon sunbeam or a warm floor close to a vent. Giving your kitty a heated cat bed may help her feel more at ease. When cats hide, they also feel safe. Your fluffy kitty might find comfort in being confined. So think about getting her a cat bed that fulfills both requirements. Fortunately, there are lots of different options.

6. Play With Your Cat More

If they don’t get enough exercise, cats may act out and become excessively hyper. So be sure to remember to play with your kitty while you’re getting ready for the spooky festivities. Get your cat to chase treats down the hallway or engage in a game of chase with a feather wand toy. Motivate the zoomies!

7. Skip the Costumes

Yes, pictures of your cat dressed up may be adorable to post on social media. However, many cats dislike wearing costumes. If yours is an exception, that’s fantastic. However, it’s likely that Sir Purrs-a-Lot gets anxious during the holidays if you’re reading this story. A costume might only make matters worse.

8. Remind Cats of Their Mother’s Love

If you’re trying to keep kittens calm, reminding them of their mother’s love can help. And the sound of a heartbeat may calm a nervous kitten. The Double-Deck Pet House set specifically for kittens.

9. Try Calming Products

Products that can help calm your furry feline can be a good option. A few days prior to the start of the festivities, install a calming diffuser in your cat’s safe space. By simulating your cat’s own calming pheromones, the drug-free vapor communicates that everything is fine.

10. Teach Your Guests How to Interact with Your Cat

Make sure to show your visitors how to interact with your kitty if he feels secure enough to be around them. Inform your visitors not to approach your kitty and begin petting it. Instead, tell them to be quiet and hold out your hand for your cat to sniff. Teach them to wait for Kitten to approach them.

11. Give Cat Interactive Toys and Scratchers

Interactive cat toys and scratchers are great ways to distract your kitty, giving her something else to focus on besides your guests or the ringing doorbell. Try the 2-In-1 Wood Cat Scratcher Corrugated Scratch House, which has a fun car-shaped and a scratcher. The Cat Scratcher Cardboard Scratching Pad Bed has a cat-head shaped for interactive fun. Or try the Spinning Cat Scratching Wheel With Sisal Scratch Pad, that’s adjustable to your cat’s needs.

12. Set Up High Places to Hide

cat trees

Cats like to hang out in high places because they feel safe and secure there. As a result, give your cat lots of places to climb. Install a cat tree in his private space or in a quiet area of the house. Install a Wall-Mounted Cat Climber Setso he can enjoy uninterrupted views of the outside world. The Cat Washroom Storage Bench Enclosed Litter Box is an additional adorable design that can be attached to the door of his safe room.

13. Be Cautious About Your Decorations

This final piece of advice largely depends on the “purrrrsonality” of your cat. Of course, you should avoid using any decorations that pose risks, such as candles she might knock over or fake blood that is poisonous to eat. But did you know that cats can get stressed out by decorations? Your pet might become agitated by a plastic spider or a motion-activated Jack-o-Lantern. Stick to safe and calming decorations instead.

When it comes to helping your kitty remain calm and secure on Halloween, there are many considerations to bear in mind. But a contented cat means a contented home. When the hectic days are over, your affectionate kitty will reward your effort with purrs and cuddles.