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Dog 狗7
37.5″L Adjustable Wooden Dog Ramp
Dog CW12N0495 zt3
Adjustable Folding Dog Ramp
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38″-71″L Adjustable Dog Gate
Dog CW12F0237
17.5″H Modern Folding Indoor Dog Gate
Dog CW12L0529
Adjustable Freestanding Indoor Dog Gate
Dog 3
Freestanding Indoor Dog Gate
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Dog hd
Dog The best choice for your pet
Dog 狗10

25″×20″ Artificial Grass For Dogs Potty With Tray, For Small Or Medium Sized Pets

  • Introducing the COZIWOW artificial grass rug, a convenient solution for pet owners living in apartments who want to train their dogs to pee indoors. This synthetic grass mat features a realistic appearance, making it easy for puppies to use without extensive training. The innovative design allows liquid to seep through the mat, preventing it from accumulating and causing unpleasant odors and wet paws. The bottom grid tray, equipped with ridges, efficiently captures and directs the liquid into the collecting box through a drainage hole, with a total capacity of 2000ml. Both the artificial grass turf and the collecting box can be effortlessly removed for easy cleanup by simply rinsing them with water. This versatile rug is suitable for use in apartments, dormitories, patios, and balconies, providing a convenient and hygienic solution for indoor pet training.
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