There’s nothing more loyal, companionable, or loving than a dog, but dogs can get anxious and stressed just like humans. Just like with people, most doggie fears are rooted in a bad experience. Maybe he went to the veterinarian and got shots that hurt and the dog in line before him was screaming during his entire examination. Maybe your dog could even smell the fear and anguish of the dog who came in that morning to be put to sleep after being hit by a car. Dogs are extremely sensitive creatures, and they amplify the emotions of the humans and animals around them. Learning the best ways to keep a dog calm naturally is important for their health and happiness. Here are some things you can try to calm your furry friends.

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Create and Maintain a Consistent Schedule

Dogs are creatures of habit and thrive on predictability and structure. Stay consistent as much as possible so your dog doesn’t get confused or stressed. Small changes in a schedule can trigger stress. Maintaining a regular feeding schedule and exercising your dog regularly will keep them healthy and mentally stimulated. Giving your dog a set bedtime will also ensure they get a good night’s sleep.

Methods to Help Your Dog Fear Bust bust2 Classroom, dog class, dog training

Play Music or White Noise

When dogs experience fear, music or white noise can help calm them down. This provides a soothing and calming environment, and it can naturally reduce their stress and anxiety levels. White noise or music can also drown out the unpredictable noises from thunderstorms or fireworks that trigger anxiety.

Food Is Usually A Good Motivator

One of the easiest ways to change your dog’s mind about something is to involve yummy food. If he’s afraid of the vacuum, turn it off and leave it near his food bowl during meal times every day. Eventually, he’ll learn to be less fearful of the monster and may even decide it’s not out to get him after all.

Rewarding good behavior is key

When your dog finally manages to get it right, make sure to reward his appropriate behavior. He may give the vacuum the side eye, but as long as he’s not lunging and snarling at eh sight of his foe, throw a little doggie treat party for him.

Methods to Help Your Dog Fear Bust bust3 Classroom, dog class, dog training

Help him through the rough patches

Even a dog who’s making huge progress toward overcoming his fears can have a big setback. Don’t be discouraged. Just keep right on loving him. You can also give him a natural calming aid for dogs to help reduce his anxiety if needed.

Exercise And Playtime Are Important

Playtime and exercise are essential for a dog’s mental and physical health. In addition to burning off excess energy, regular exercise releases endorphins, which reduce anxiety and stress in dogs.

You and your pup can enjoy many activities together, like walking, playing fetch, tug-of-war, or running around the backyard. Participating in these activities with your dog will benefit them not only physically, but also mentally.

When your dog has fears, it’s important to remember that no matter how unreasonable those fears seem to us, they are indeed very legitimate to him. Always treat him with kindness and respect. You never know, maybe he does know something about that vacuum that we don’t.

Methods to Help Your Dog Fear Bust bust4 Classroom, dog class, dog training