Barking is a natural and useful behavior for puppies, as they use it to greet people, protect themselves, or communicate with others. However, if your puppy barks too much, it can be annoying. You cannot completely stop your puppy from barking, but you can teach your puppy to bark less.

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5 top tips to get your dog to stop barking

Never scold your dog for barking

Even though their barking can be frustrating, scolding them could make them feel anxious or confused about you. This could make the situation worse, as they might bark more out of fear or confusion.

Avoid things that your dog finds scary

If your dog barks because they are frightened, try to keep them away from the frightening thing as much as possible. For example, if your dog barks at people walking by through a window, cover it up to prevent them from seeing. If they bark because they are afraid of being left alone, try to stay with them as much as possible.

Teach your dog calmer ways of telling you what they want

If your dog barks for a specific reason, like to make another dog go away, it’s helpful to teach them that doing something quieter and safer will achieve the same result. For instance, your dog cannot do both barking and sniffing at once. So, making them focus on the floor to look for yummy treats instead of barking can work well. If you do this regularly, they will learn that being quiet and ignoring something, rather than barking, has a positive result.

Ensure your pooch is staying active

Your dog may tend to bark more if they’re idle and not having enough mental or physical stimulation. Ensure you spend quality time keeping your dog busy and active every day.

Don’t give your dog a reward for barking

Give them a reward for being silent instead. If your dog barks at mealtime, ignore the barking and wait for them to stop before feeding them. Before you make them a snack, offer them a toy to divert their attention. If they bark to get your attention to play, ignore them. Walk away from them or leave the room and find another activity.