Jumping up on people is a natural canine behavior. However, jumping to greet is annoying and possibly dangerous. Learning how to train a dog not to jump on you isn’t only about good manners, but it can also help prevent injury.

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump on You 1 dog training, dog class

Why dog jumps?

Dogs jump for attention or excitement. Jumping up is a natural behavior for dogs. They jump to greet you and say hello.

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump on You 2 dog training, dog class

How to stop a dog from jumping?

To change the behavior, your dog has to understand that not only does jumping not work to get them what they want, but it also makes the object of their desire disappear or go farther away.

Step1: Management of Your Dog’s Behavior

You could put your dog in the crate or confine your dog in another room. Set up a baby gate, a sturdy free-standing gate, or an exercise pen to block off areas where jumping happens the most.

Step2: Turn Your Back on Her

When your dog jumps up at you, turn your back and completely ignore them. Theoretically, their jumping behavior should eventually stop.

Step3: Train Your Dog to Sit When Meeting People

How to Train a Dog Not to Jump on You 5 dog training, dog class

Ask a friend to walk towards you and your dog. When you get close to them, stop a short distance away and ask your dog to sit. Reward them heavily for it.

Step4: Keep Your Dog on Leash

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Whether your dog is jumping on passers-by while on a walk or on visiting guests, keeping them on a leash, with the leash on your hand, gives you much more control over the situation. This also makes it easier to help your dog learn polite greetings.