Even if the pet is as small as a hamster, you should always choose it after careful thought and consideration. There is no disputing that hamsters make adorable pets, but there are several considerations you should make before purchasing one.

Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of keeping a hamster as a pet so that you may decide for yourself.

Pros of Having a Pet Hamster

Hamsters as Pets: Pros and Cons to Consider Before Adopting 22 hamster Hamster Blogs

Let’s start with the positives of keeping a pet hamster.

Hamsters Stay Small

Many pet owners overlook the fact that their animals are born small and grow considerably faster. That’s not a problem, though, with a hamster. If you receive them when they’re very young, they might develop a little, but not in the way that many other creatures do.

Hamsters Are Quiet Animals

Given that the majority of the noises hamsters make are not loud, they are unquestionably on the quieter side of the pet spectrum.

If you do hear sounds coming from them, it’s usually the result of what they are doing. The most frequent sounds you’ll hear are them chewing on food, biting on toys or their cage, running on the wheel, or moving objects around in their house.

This is the best option if you dislike loud noises and there is no risk that your neighbor would object to the noise your hamster makes!

However, you should bear in mind that hamsters are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk, which means if you keep your hamster in a bedroom and get only little sleep, they can wake you up.

Hamsters Don’t Require All Your Attention

Despite the fact that we all adore cats and dogs, they can be a little demanding of your time and attention. The fact that hamsters are excellent at keeping themselves busy and don’t require your complete attention is one of their major advantages.

They are an excellent pet because of this even if you don’t have a lot of free time. When the hamster is awake and around your schedule, you may spend time with them while being assured that they are engaged the majority of the time.

Hamsters Are Clean and Don’t Smell

Hamsters also have the advantage of being exceedingly hygienic and odorless.

A hamster’s day is heavily devoted to grooming, therefore they seldom ever have any odor to be found about them.

If their home has a stench, it is probably because they have been utilizing a corner as a litter box, which needs to be changed. Their urine smells, but not their feces.

However, because they consistently end up in the same spot, it is simple to clean that area of the house a little more frequently than other areas.

They Are Entertaining to Watch

The list of adorable creatures always includes hamsters, who are also really interesting to watch. The bigger is always preferable because they will utilize their home to the fullest extent when they are active.

You’ll find yourself skipping the TV in favor of your pet hamster!

They’re Easier to Care for Compared to Other Pets

Hamsters are a simpler pet to maintain because they don’t have as many wants and requirements as cats and dogs. The primary responsibilities of a hamster keeper are to provide them with food and water, clean their enclosure, and interact with them.

Cons of Having a Pet Hamster

Hamsters as Pets: Pros and Cons to Consider Before Adopting 33 hamster Hamster Blogs

What about the downsides of having a hamster? Let’s take a look at the main negatives to get a full picture.

Hamsters Aren’t Cheap Pets

Although you can get a hamster cage and all of its “essentials” for under $100 at the local pet store, your new pet would be unhappy in this set-up.

You’ll require the following to ensure that your new pet is pleased and happy in his new home:

  • a large cage ,
  • toys such as a large running wheel, tunnels,
  • furnishings such as a sand bath, deep bedding, a house,
  • and quality food.

All of this is more expensive than new pet owners typically anticipate. The possible cost of future medical care should also be taken into account, particularly if your hamster was purchased from a pet store where hamsters are not bred for longevity.

Hamsters Are Not That Social With Their Owners

Since hamsters are quiet animals, there isn’t much opportunity for two-way conversation with them as pets. Hamsters can be somewhat unaware of their owners, unlike dogs or cats who will almost engage in conversation with you.

Hamsters Are Escape Masters

In stories about “why I would never have a hamster again,” escaping hamsters frequently appear, although in reality, they frequently do so because owners forget to properly lock a door or safeguard their home.

Hamsters are inquisitive, therefore if you let them escape their cage, they will. It’s only a natural drive to look for new food sources or partners; it doesn’t necessarily mean they are unhappy.

They Don’t Have the Longest Lifespan

Hamsters don’t live very long. This might be difficult for younger children if the cherished animal dies after only a few years. Therefore, if you believe that the hamster’s brief lifespan may result in too much trauma, it may not be the perfect pet for you.

Hamsters Sleep a Lot During the Day

Hamsters naturally sleep throughout the day because they are crepuscular animals. The morning and dusk hours are when they are most active.

Although you will learn when your hamster is most likely to be awake and eager to spend time with you as you get to know it, these are the optimum times to interact with them.

Hamsters and Other Pets Don’t Mix Well

There could be problems with the hamster if you have animals like cats or dogs. Since hamsters are prey species, predators like cats and dogs feel compelled to try to capture them.

Both you and the hamster could become stressed as a result. It is important to take some precautions when mixing various species of animals, such locking the hamster in a room when no one is home. But with a little preparation, it is possible.

A Great All-round Pet for the Right People

Many people find hamsters to be wonderful pets. They make a good pet for a variety of reasons that will appeal to many individuals. While there are certain drawbacks to take into account, they are generally minor and don’t diminish the overall enjoyment of owning one of these small animals in your home.

Make sure to give it careful consideration while considering the advantages and disadvantages. A hamster can be the ideal pet for you if you feel you can give your new pet the attention they require. And if you do decide to obtain a hamster, think about adopting one rather than purchasing one from a pet shop!