Some people think cats hate water because they are not good at swimming. But your cat’s dislike of water has nothing to do with their swimming skills. All cats have a natural instinct to swim, even if they never had a chance to practice. You may find it hard to believe when you see your cat trying to escape from a bathtub, but your cat can swim whether they have ever done it or not.

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Can Cats Naturally Swim?

Some cats are not only good at swimming, but they also like it. For example, the Turkish Van is known as “the swimming cat” because they have a coat that is more suitable for swimming. They also like to swim in any water they can find. But if your cat has never been in water before, they may not like it at first, no matter what breed they are.

Do Cats Enjoy Swimming?

Some cats like the water. They will look for water that is deep enough for them to swim in. All cats have feet that are partly webbed, because they are related to big cats, and some have feet that are almost fully webbed.

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Can Cats Swim?

Cats can swim, and many cats actually like to get wet, especially those with coats that are naturally resistant to water and will not get soaked after a short swim. Cats that are scared of water usually have this fear because they have never seen a lot of water or have had a bad experience before.