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Large Wooden Outdoor Pet Cat Dog Enclosure Catio Cage with 6 Platforms


If you want your pets to breathe some fresh air outdoors, but worry they might stray or get into trouble, this COZIWOW Large Wood Outdoor Pet Enclosure could be your ultimate option.

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If you want your pets to breathe some fresh air outdoors, but worry they might stray or get into trouble, this COZIWOW Large Wood Outdoor Pet Enclosure could be your ultimate option. Sturdily crafted from solid pinewood, the wire-meshed cat house with a spacious inner and a strong-supported asphalt roof can perfectly protect your small and medium pets from the inclement weather while allowing them to enjoy outdoor leisure freely. Featuring 6 platforms, the backyard catio is a practical shelter with jumping and climbing fun, which is ideal for multi-pet families.

  • Outdoor cat enclosure: protect your pets from hazards outside  
  • Durable wood frame: built with a solid pinewood construction
  • Safe mesh surrounding: tiny 0.5″ x 0.5″ rustproof wire mesh for security
  • Weatherproof roof: asphalt roof with extra middle support for sun/rain protection
  • Suitable occasions: backyards, gardens, patios, lawns, and more
  • Spacious inner: large for one or multiple pets to play, roam, and relax freely
  • 6 platforms: allow pets to climb, jump or relax without territorial dispute
  • Perfect for pets: like cats, dogs, squirrels, foxes, raccoons, and parrots
  • Latched door: a big door opens for easy access and locks for safety
  • Easy assembly: a detailed manual included





Pinewood + Wire Mesh + Asphalt

Overall Dimensions

66.5"L x 34.6"W x 71"H

Door Dimensions

36.2"L x 19.1"W

Platform Dimensions

17.2"L x 9.9"W

Roof Dimensions

34.6"L x 22.8"W

Net Weight

83.5 lbs

Package Includes

1 x Cat Enclosure
1 x User Manual

13 reviews for Large Wooden Outdoor Pet Cat Dog Enclosure Catio Cage with 6 Platforms

    June 10, 2022
    The cats love it and assembly was straightforward. A couple of parts are challenging with one person, but still very doable and you only need a screw gun and a wrench. You'll need other tools if you do modifications. I removed a section of wire mesh and built an additional shelf to allow window access, and I trimmed the roof panels so it would sit flush against the house. It is a pretty soft wood and certainly not as strong as one you might build yourself, but it smells like a hamster cage, so I'm assuming it's cedar or something similar that will last a while. Four stars because the dimensions are smaller than what's listed here (it's actually about 35" deep x 68" wide) and because the door latches are pretty flimsy.
    Marie Mallonee
    June 10, 2022
    My husband and I are very impressed with the quality of this item. Similar houses sell for more than double the price, so we were very pleased to find this one. Assembly was straight forward. It took a couple hours and some muscle, as the panels all needed to be screwed together, then each side attached to the others. It is quite large, beautiful, sturdy and smells nice too! I would defiantly recommend!
    June 7, 2022
    Came very well packed. Wood and screens are lightweight.
    I do not at all recommend trying to assemble this with a hand screwdriver. I used an electric drill with a phillips tip and that made assembly almost fun.
    All the pieces are numbered. Went together very easily, just had to double check the holes lined up like the instructions show. I had to drill a couple holes myself that were missing but again, the electric drill made that easy. The screws for the platforms are not long but once I hand tightened the nut, I could tighten the screws because they grab the wood. I did use a hand screwdriver for this. If only one person is putting this together, like I did, tape the screws to the wood to ease mounting the platforms. Took a bit of finagling.
    The end product is heavy so build it near where you want it. Adding the roof is tricky if the unit is out of square but it can be done. lol
    I love it and am very happy I bought it.
    December 27, 2021
    The seller was 5 stars! The enclosure 5 stars. This is the 3rd PawHut cat enclosure I have bought. Easy to put together. Can be put together in many ways to maximize space, especially if you put it against your house, you can take that unused side to double the space. We took in a cat and her 5 kittens. We paint our enclosures with a spray gun. We also, like others, used clear roofing for part of the roof. These are perfect to let your cat be able to go outside without fear of them killing or being killed.
    D. Wilson
    June 29, 2021
    I am trying to get the cats used to it, they weren't to sure of it at first. I bought a outdoor carpet for the floor and I will be covering the sit stations. I was amazed at how easy it went together and it's pretty well constructed. The roof is heavy and holds the unit down well. I guess I will find out how well it hold up to two rambunctious kittens very soon.
    November 23, 2020
    Easy to assemble though the wood isn’t as thick as I thought it would be. Had some severe winds that blew it right over and it tried to cave in on itself so would recommend putting it against the house or moving it when it’s going to storm/be extra windy. Overall my cats love it. My only wish is that it had a bit more space inside for them to roam versus height, though they enjoy sitting on the perches.
    kitty queen
    November 9, 2020
    Had to put all my cats together in a safe place. My oldest cat is meek & the others bully her. Perfect solution. She has all her favorite things & is safe. I wish the door was full size. I don’t bend like I used to so it’s hard for me to get in & out.
    Whitley Helms
    April 28, 2020
    Absolutely love this cat enclosure. Definitely a 2 person job if you want to get it done quicker. I have painted mine white to match my house And painted the roof black because the wood is a little orange as is. I will say spray painting the roof definitely helped keep the little bits of asphalt intact. We also made some modifications to make it accessible from the window of the house and larger for my 3 young cats who love to climb. We took 2 of the back pieces and added one to each side to make the enclosure deeper and we installed the side walls upside down to make the perched higher so the cats can climb and jump. We added the last back wall piece to the roof to keep the cats from possibly climbing out for the time being. Will need to add something to keep the water out when it rains. Overall a great buy and worth the money!
    Vicki June
    November 8, 2019
    Bought this for my bird to get some outside time, simply added a few branches and it was perfect. It is made from fir wood and sealed with a non-toxic sealant so it was bird safe. The double latches on the door made it secure so no worries of escape. Very sturdy and held up during strong winds with no problem. The roof is water tight so it stayed completely dry inside when it was raining. Very easy to assemble. I am 5'3" and it only took me about an hour to assemble it alone. Directions are very easy to understand. After assembled it's still light enough for two people to move around.
    Jill Carroll
    September 12, 2018
    We use this for our 2 cats during the day to be outside under our covered back patio. It's easy to put together - the panel construction makes it manageable for even one person to do. And with a basic drill it goes together really quickly - about an hour or hour-and-a-half. The cedar looks good. We also have another similar Pawhut product we bought a few years ago that has an enclosed area at one end - after several years, a hurricane, and a tropical storm, we took off the enclosed portion of the old one and are now adding it onto this structure to expand it. So far, so good. This structure (and the other older one we have) really saved us from having to rehome our cats due to our child's horrible allergies. The cats like it, jump all around on the platforms, we hung bird feeders nearby for entertainment for them, and let morning glory vine grow up all around it - it's like their own little jungle cave. This is a good product. Really happy with it.
    Darlene B.
    September 3, 2018
    I’m using the cage as a bird aviary, it work great for a summer outdoor for finches.
    Andrew Backes
    August 3, 2018
    The shipment came in two large boxes. There is quite a bit of assembly, but the directions are pretty easy to follow. I'd recommend having someone help put it together, or some parts might be tricky. I'd also highly recommend using a drill.

    Once completely put together, my wife and I were still able to move the structure around, so you don't need to worry about assembling it in the exact place you want it.

    Overall, the cats love it, it was easy to put together, and it looks nice.
    March 31, 2018
    The pricing is the best I could find anywhere for a catio of this size. Assembly took hours to do with just a screwdriver. I would definitely recommend a drill. Some of the numbers on the pieces were upside down so that was a little annoying. The wood is good quality. My biggest compliant with this cage would be the door latches - they could be better. Otherwise, it's a really good catio and it was worth every penny. The cats hated it at first (they didn't like being enclosed) but now they love it!
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