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Large Wood Outdoor Pet Cat Enclosure Catio with Multi-Tier Retreat and Safe Run


Your four-legged furry companions love hanging outside to enjoy an enriched environment, which may make you worry about their safety.

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This cat enclosure (77.1”L x 37.8”W x 66.1”H) with a slightly sloping green asphalt roof and a mesh top offers an ingenious solution to protect your feline friends and provide their daily needs for stimulation and enrichment outdoors. A premium solid wood construction with a water-based lacquer finish is sturdy for lasting use. A hide-away retreat designed with 2 enclosed upper rooms and 2 open under shelves creates an ideal privacy for pets to nap, lounge and sleep, helping solve territorial conflicts. Two mesh windows and an open window ensure ventilation and visibility, one of which comes with a sliding panel for convenient feeding. A spacious run surrounded by escape-proof galvanized wire mesh helps inside cats safely explore the outdoors without the danger and risk, as well as enjoying the enriched environment. Two ramps with beams make pets easy to roam inside and outside, upstairs and downstairs, in the sun or shade. Moreover, this cat home also offers multiple doors with metal latches for easy access, maintenance and security. A big side door (27.5”W x 35.4”H) is designed for you to enter in to develop the relationship with your lovely fur friends.



Main Material

Pinewood + Galvanized Iron Wire + Asphalt

Net Weight


Overall Dimensions

74.8"L x 33.2"W x 66.7"H

Main Mesh Door Size (Big)

20.2"W x 44.4"H

Small Mesh Door Size

10.8”W x 15.1"H

Ramp Size

3.3”W x 44.1”L

Top Mesh Window Size

12”L x 8.4”W

15 reviews for Large Wood Outdoor Pet Cat Enclosure Catio with Multi-Tier Retreat and Safe Run

    Crystal Lynn
    June 10, 2022
    I love this catio. I put it together with an electric drill. I put some pieces together wrong at first so I had to unscrew it and flip those pieces around. It looked great when I was finished putting it togetjer. I've had it outside for a few months and it has faded so bad. The trim around the small square door on the side fell off and this caused the door to fall off. I have a shovel leaning against the small square holding it in place so the cat can't escape. For the price, it should be more weather proof. However, it was easy to put together and the wood was lightweight which meant I could move the catio with help after I put it together. If the wood was heavier it wouldn't be as easy to move. I would say it's a great purchase but not the quality you expect for the price.
    Pamela Avila
    June 10, 2022
    I was having problems with wild dogs killing my fur babies in the middle of the night. They have killed four so far, and I have been devastated over this. When I saw how the catio was made, I decided to purchase it and it's now on my front porch. I put my cats in it for the night and have added blankets and sleeping pads for extra comfort. It's large enough to add a food and water bowl AND a litter box inside for them. Then, in the morning, I let them out for the day. They love it and so do I. I feel better that they are now safe and comfortable every night.
    D Kent
    June 10, 2022
    This thing is BIG! Yeah the dimensions are on the description, but those didn't mean much to me until I got it together. I think even our cats are a little intimidated by it. :D

    The materials appear to be good quality. The wood is stained an attractive sort-of cedar color and the fittings, except for the latches, look pretty good. Others have commented on the difficult-to-follow instructions. Yep...they are difficult to follow. I am a pretty accomplished backyard mechanic and handyman and it took me several hours of careful study to get it all together. At this point, however, it is a nice looking and VERY roomy cattery or cat-house or whatever that will look fine on our patio later this spring.

    Yes I would buy it again or recommend it to a friend.
    June 10, 2022
    This is one swanky cat pen. We purchased this for a feral cat we’ve been feeding that got into a fight and had his remaining eye damaged. This is going to be his new home and I’m extremely happy with it. I will probably be ordering an additional one without the bed tower section to add onto this one to give him more leg room. Best part is that it is made from cedar and smells fantastic. Not to hard to put together- it took my husband and I about an hour
    October 26, 2021
    I purchased this pen to temporarily house feral cats before having them fixed. I live in a rural area and we have to make spay/neuter appointments a couple of weeks in advance. We are occasionally 'acquiring' new cats that just seem to appear at my house so this has become a frequent issue for me. Over the summer a mother cat and her two kittens showed up. I eventually got the mom to where I could approach and sometimes pet her. But the kittens are totally wild and you can't get anywhere near them. I ordered this and began putting their food dish inside the pen with the door propped open. They would go inside to eat, but would run out whenever I approached. So I tied a very long string to the base of the door and trapped them inside by quickly pulling it shut from a distance behind the enclosure. It worked great and now I can make the appointment knowing I will be able to get them there. There are a couple of reasons for the less than perfect rating. There was a board mislabeled and my husband spent some time trying to figure out what was amiss, before he figured out what had happened. Also he was short a couple of screws, again no major deal. But the most important thing was the quality of one of the wooden panels. There is a hole in the back of the enclosed box that was obviously already there and was stained over before packaging. It appears it was in the wood when it was processed into a panel. I would say it's the size of a nickel. Also there is also a vertical crack about a foot long, where two of the panels are warped and don't meet flush in the middle but they do on the ends. So I am going to have to use wood filler and plug the hole and crack. I just felt as much as this pen costs we shouldn't have received defective wood. Other than that, everything is great. The cats hide in the box while I am in there scooping litter or feeding them, and sometimes I see one of them peeking through the window or entry hole. I am 5'5" and have no trouble at all crouching a bit through the doorway to work inside. This pen will help me tremendously the next time I need to contain a feral cat before spay/neuter and it takes a lot of the stress away, knowing you have them safely contained before the appointment day rolls around.
    I forgot to mention in case anyone was wondering, the 'mesh' is basically rabbit wire. It's very sturdy and does a good job with keeping cats in and other critters out.
    June 29, 2021
    I'm a small-framed woman, and I built this enclosure with just a screwdriver and an embarrassing amount of time, but ... finished product is perfect for the little raccoon I rescued and raised. Will be kept indoors. She has loads of toys inside, easily climbs the ramp, loves the sleeping nestbox area. Very adorable to see her peeking through the windows. Her potty pad sits under the enclosed sleeping box, and toys can be hung from the top mesh for added interest. The enclosure is big enough I can stand in it, and all areas are easily accessible for cleaning. Will hold a small cat tree, hammock, etc. Raccoon climbs the mesh and it seems to be holding up quite well so far. Latches can't be reached by her little raccoon hands from inside, so safe and escape proof. Water bottle hangs nicely on mesh. Safe home for a pet raccoon when you can't babysit outside the enclosure. (She definitely must be babysat!) She does, of course, love to come out to play and wrestle a couple times a day. Very pleased with purchase and her reaction to it, but wouldn't want to build another one. A zillion screws! The things we do for love, lol! Would've been easier if I'd had help, but built it all by myself. If I can do it, anyone can, haha! Becomes increasingly sturdy as it squares up and goes together. Good to build where you want it, cuz too big to move around without helpers. Nicely designed!
    June 5, 2021
    I recently moved across country to a new home. Maximizing space and creating fun, safe and adequate areas for my animals has been a top priority! My two cats took to this enclosure immediately, in a day they had settled in to their new area and fully using every cubby ! They have a cat run just off the enclosure for extra space and litter box use … but they spend most of their time enjoying the enclosure . I ordered several cat beds and cubes and created plush little areas inside it. Super easy to put together .
    April 19, 2021
    So far it is doing good. I have only had it for a couple of weeks. I have a cat that has mental issues so she can't stay in the house and she is afraid to be an outside kitty so she gets her own kitty condo. I wanted to give her away to hangout in the sun but still hide when she wants to. I have a litter box on the bottom under the shelf and it stays dry even when it rains. The inside stays dry too. Wasn't to hard to put together but I would build it where you want it because moving it around too much would probably break it. I have it set up against the side of my house so it is protected from wind too. If your pet is very rotund you might need to widen the door into the house. If my 24lb cat needed to stay in there I think he would have a hard time getting in and out. Luckily the kitty in there is only around 12lbs. Would be a good house for rabbits or ferrits too if you can keep them from digging under the bottom edge.
    Kelly Ulloa
    April 20, 2020
    I so far have used this as an outdoor aviary. I am currently using it to temporarily house a rooster who is loving it and I ordered another coop for him. I love how I can walk in and easily clean it. The windows are great cause I can check on them if they're in the house and not have to open the door that would otherwise let them out. I actually reversed the big door so I could get in easier but would have rathered a full sized door instead of a tiny lil door that I would have to bend over to get in. Its great for kids not so great for full grown adults.
    June 16, 2019
    The cat house is tight for 3 cats but I made some modifications. The ramp to the ground was a problem as the cat went too fast and slammed into the side. I flipped the ramp over and made it a shelf instead. The cut out on the top level going to the smaller ramp was too small for even my smaller cat. I just made the cut out bigger. The enclosed part was water tight when we had a storm. Overall pleased. Would be nice if it had shelves in the open area. I made a big 3 tiered cat tree that takes up most of the enclosure but the love it.
    June 5, 2019
    I would give this a five star review; however, the bottom latch on the door is sticking and hard to open and close. The overall look and enclosure is working very well for what I ordered it for. I have it set up in my garage and my cats really like it. The ramp is a little steep, but my cats don't seem to have a problem going up or down. (they all have their claws).

    I am considering ordering another one to try to put the two together to make it bigger in the future. Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase!
    K. Thorsen
    May 10, 2019
    I bought this for my Cat Rhyse who loves to be outside, but doesn't always love coming back home if you know what I mean.... I figured it would be the perfect solution so that he gets his outdoor time without wandering off. On that front, this is a great buy! It is totally secure and he has never gotten out. He enjoys being able to chew the grass on the floor as well as sitting in the sun.

    However, I will caution anyone with vision problems or difficulty reading, this is not for you. The instructions are not at all clear: only fuzzy grey-scale images & no text. I've been purchasing and building furniture from IKEA for years, so I consider myself pretty experienced when it comes to having to figure it out yourself when assembling. Even I made two major errors and had to go back and disassemble. Also, this is a two man job - I had difficulty holding large sections of wall panel in place while I secured them with my power drill. It took me about 3.5 hours start to finish.

    Overall, this is a great buy for any cat that likes to be outside but can't be trusted to stay in the yard. Just understand that assembly is not for beginners or those with poor sight - the instructions keep this from a 5 star review.
    David Hale
    September 24, 2018
    This kittyhouse has been well-received by my oldest cat, who needed a respite from the younger feline hooligans residing in our house. It is attractive, well thought-out, airy, “square”, sturdy, and it was easily assembled. I reduced the size to 2/3 for indoor use. This was easily accomplished and it remains quite a large feline residence, even so! The wire gauge is sufficient to keep cats in/out, but would need to be heavier to keep a more determined, larger animal out, in my opinion. This product serves my purposes well. This particular cat seems “satisfied” and I believe that it is well worth the price.
    susan Freeman
    August 31, 2018
    My husband had no problems at all putting the hut together. It's well made and has several ramps and windows for your kitty to enjoy while lounging in it. Its a really nice way to let your indoor cats have some fresh air and enjoy bird watching.
    Even if raining, it has a solid roof on top of one end so kitty can go inside and not get wet. If you love your cats like I do....get this little house for him to add some nice outdoor enjoyment to his day!!
    August 2, 2018
    Love this outside patio for my feline! So fun and quality wood and amazed how easy with a power drill it was to put together - absolutely recommend to feline owners!!! Best solution for communities that have wildlife like coyotes!
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