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Large Chain-Link Yard Outdoor Dog Kennel Enclosure Fence Playpen, Silver


If you are looking for a safe outdoor dog kennel, this professional, cost-friendly chain-link outdoor dog kennel with an ample inner is a great option to keep your large pet safe and free, which will help reduce you worries.

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If you are looking for a safe outdoor dog kennel, this professional, cost-friendly chain-link outdoor dog kennel with an ample inner is a great option to keep your large pet safe and free, which will help reduce you worries. A sturdy galvanized steel construction with rustproof iron wire walls ensures the heavy-duty chain-link dog enclosure simple and stable to stand for long-term use. A high latching door is designed to offer convenient access for both pets and owners. The owner can enter easily for feeding, training, and playing but the pet can not open the locking door for extra safety. Your four-legged companion will absolutely love such a versatile  and safe playpen. 


  • 6’H silver chain-link yard dog kennel for large pets
  • Constructed from commercial-grade galvanized steel 
  • Rustproof iron wire walls for well monitoring
  • Being firmly connected and well welded for safety
  • Ample interior for free play, rest and sleep
  • Wide latching door for easy access
  • Easy assembly with a detailed manual



Iron Wire + Galvanized Steel

Overall Dimensions

118”L x 118”W x 72”H

Door Size

17”W x 67”H

Wire Grid Size

2.5” x 2.5”

Net Weight

131.5 lbs

11 reviews for Large Chain-Link Yard Outdoor Dog Kennel Enclosure Fence Playpen, Silver

    June 10, 2022
    What’s not to like. Lightweight but strong. Easy to use. I bought this for containing my new puppy. With so many ways to put together I have been able to restrict her to just a crate and also give her a small space that she hangs out in that was safe and didn’t ruin the floor with potty accidents. As needs change, I can easily change the arrangement. I really think this is better than just crating your dog all day. She has her own space and I can control how much access she gets to the rest of the house dependent upon how much she is learning in regards to correct house behavior.
    Madeline Hunt
    June 10, 2022
    Purchased this so that our 3 large dogs (border collie, golden retriever, and pitbull mix) could be kenneled together. It’s very large and the walls are just high enough where they can’t jump over them. Great purchase for anyone trying to keep their dog contained while also giving them enough room to move around.
    Amazon Customer
    June 5, 2022
    I have three small dogs (2 Shih-Tsu's and 1 Havanese). I only needed to place fencing on a linear section, as I have privacy fencing on 3 sides of the back yard. Right off the bat I could see that there were chips in the paint, which I would expect to lead to rusting down the road unless I prime those areas. The fence is good enough to keep my dogs in the yard. If I had bigger dogs, such as labs or shepherds, they would easily be able to push the fence down. If these panels were set up in a circular or box design, the strength of the walls would be much greater. So far my dogs have not tried to crash through the fence, and I don't expect that they will. But to the extent to which I set mine up, I'm satisfied with it so far.
    September 26, 2020
    I've bought these same style xpens in a different brand before, and although these are okay and should work for what I need them for, they do seem a little more flimsy than the other ones I have. They were packaged fairly well, however some of the panels did have a few minor dings in them (should not affect use). The rods that hold the panels together are more thin than the other ones I have, and door hinges are definitely cheaper, however the door to this one is slightly wider (maybe an inch or so). All in all, not too bad for the price.
    May 1, 2020
    We use this product indoors on a somewhat slick floor and we love it. It is super easy to reconfigure and has been great at containing our puppies while we are training them. We use it in a standard oval for nights and then use various objects to tie it and brace it in places to open up their area during the day. This allows us to continue increasing their allowed areas for training on manners while still blocking them from areas we don't want. I don't think our home would be as happy and peaceful a place if we didn't have this fencing. It's been amazing. I am considering tightly zip tying the panels that we never shift to make them sturdier and tighter to help avoid paw catches.
    1) If you have a baby with little paws they can get caught in between the panels and the pins used to hold them together. This has happened a couple of times in our home but it has been very rare. The angle and paw size has to be just right...or wrong I suppose. :)
    2) The method of connecting the panels is loose so they can move easily. I'm not sure about outdoor use but inside, since you can't stake it down, the panels can tilt away from each other slightly and cause a small gap. It could be another paw catching/pinching hazard. or appear like an escape point to your pet and cause them to mess with the fence more. I have not seen it get big enough for even a smaller pet to actually escape.
    3) It may be possible to scratch your floor while moving the fence if you catch a pin on your floor so you have to use caution while rearranging.
    Despite the few cons I would buy this again and feel good about recommending it to others.
    Shelley Swearingen
    April 21, 2020
    I purchased this fencing to place in my front yard. I have a 10lb maltese that cannot be allowed in the yard without restraint (she's a runner). For the price, this was a great value. It took me and a friend about an hour and a half to remove from the packaging and install. I live in the midwest and the winds really pick up - I will be purchasing additional stakes to reinforce this.

    I would recommend that the seller include a few extra stakes. I used my home as a wall and did not connect all the panels to each other. I was one stake short and had to use a shepherd's pole to keep the panel secured to the ground. I will going to my local hardware store today to purchase additional and sturdier stakes.

    My dog loves her new pen. She's so happy. Will probably purchase another set of panels to extend the size of her pen.
    December 1, 2019
    Very happy with what I got gives my pup a nice large space he can enjoy when I can't supervise him constantly and it's big enough he can't hop over or Houdini his way out I could easily see buying more of these for building a nice outdoor space as well
    September 19, 2019
    We are using this fence as a temporary enclosure for our new dog. It is perfect for our needs and looks nice too. We placed big rocks around the bottom sides just to secure a little more.
    July 23, 2019
    We bought the pen for my daughter's two rabbits. You get a lot for the money with this pen and we were able to make two separate and very large pens for each rabbit to have free run. If we put it together as one pen it would be huge! Love that you have a door that swings open as well. It's great for a smaller dog or animal that won't jump. It's a about 2 feet high so one rabbit can jump over it, the other one does not. We just put a little cover over the top. It's sturdy enough for them to have fun and be safe. You can make it any shape you want, square, round, rectangle.... easy to put together too.
    Ellen Weisgerber
    June 14, 2019
    I bought this kennel for my puppies. I bring them out from the house and put them on the deck so they get fresh air and a change of scene. I'm 70+ and I found that the kennel was a breeze to set up and to move it I have to.
    Very satisfied with my purchase. Also the delivery time was super. Thank you!
    Kirstin Krug
    March 22, 2019
    I ordered 2 sets for our teddy bear puppy and it is working great for her. Would like even more coverage for her to play so will be ordering 2 more sets!
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