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36″ Pet Cat Tree Play House Condo with Scratching Posts Climbing Ladder Gray


This is an amazing cat tower to own for a multi-cat household, as it will keep all of your kitties busy for hours!

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With comfortable fabrics and elegant design, the cat tree serves as beds, hideaways, and playhouses for cats.
Constructed of wood and then covered with carpet or a similar fabric that encourages and allows a cat to scratch, Beautifully designed with fun activities for your cat to scratch, climb, and jump.
Often used specifically to prevent scratching and lounging on other household items.
Cat trees may contain other desirable items to encourage scratching such as sisal rope and a comfortable house
Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels. Installation is very convenient.

Package Includes:

1 x Cat tree
1 x Instruction


Keep the cat tree dry
Keep the cat tree clean for your beloved cat
Pay attention to the fire




Natural sisal rope, Particleboard ,flannel

Net Weight

33.5 lbs

Overall Dimension

18"(L) x 24"(W)x 36"(H)

Loading Capacity

40 lbs

12 reviews for 36″ Pet Cat Tree Play House Condo with Scratching Posts Climbing Ladder Gray

    Eboni Mull
    June 10, 2022
    What took me an hour to put together could have probably taken me 20 minutes had the directions been more clear. I think adding words would help any cat owner complete putting this cat tower together. Aside from the directions not being the best, the cat tower is a great addition, I love the color and my cat loves all of the different components.
    Aria Wolf
    June 10, 2022
    I bought this multi-level cat tree because our kitten has destroyed her first one-level tree with her..um... enthusiasm. She loves the scratching posts at every level but what she really adores is just how soft and cuddly the plush is. She is constantly trying out new spots for her nap time and is loving every inch of it.

    I particularly love how sturdy it is. I believe I could stand on it and it would hold my weight without any problem, so my 5# Siamese can do ANYTHING to it and I have the utmost confidence that this tree can take it and more.

    Honestly, the only drawback at all was the directions. It was a single-sided page of drawings and tiny print. That being said, if you look at them along with the pics of the various angles on Amazon, it isn't hard to figure out.

    I am most pleased with this purchase. I would purchase it again... and again... and again.
    April 10, 2022
    I bought it for my cat hoping it would motivate her to do something other than flop on the floor. Seriously its to the point if she sees a lizard she no longer chases it she flops over and puts one pay on her own head. Like she is fainting. It is however, quite amusing to watch her drama but she needs exercise. So I put cat nip on the top and she runs up and down it to get the cat nip. Its also the only way I can get her to use it. lol Sarah the Terror is 12 years old. I do love the princess.
    V. Atkinson
    December 26, 2021
    Good price point. Sturdy enough, semi difficult to assemble. I would suggest reading the instructions very carefully and putting all similar parts together so you don’t get them mixed up. So far my 11lb male cat and 9lb female cat have not knocked it over, so that’s pretty good. It’s not extremely tall so it’s perfect for a “window seat” my cats like to sit in the sun and bird/squirrel watch all day?
    November 8, 2021
    Nice tree that has held up for the few months that I have had it. My cats love the little basket part. My only complaint is that whenever I had the basket out to the side like in the picture one 6lb cat was able to knock the tree over. Not the end of the world but a bit annoying when the two are playing at night and the tree falls over. I rotated it in near the box section and it hasnt tipped over but still not 100% stable.
    September 20, 2021
    I bought this for my 2 new kittens. When putting it together, it wasn't really "hard" except for the fact one of the pieces was upside-down (carpeted on the wrong side) so the holes didn't really line up where it was supposed to. I was able to retrofit it myself and move the platform to allow for the leg to balance out the tower and provide support so the kittens can jump onto the platform. I would say, their assembly like could probably use a QA person. LOL. All in all, the kittens love it and we made it work. I would probably not purchase through this company again though. In looking at other review, it sounds like what happened is a common issue for them.
    JD Patterson
    June 21, 2021
    My cat likes it but first, THROW OUT THE INSTRUCTIONS and use the visual for the particular product you ordered. Using the instructions I had to disassemble about 3 times until I just followed the photograph. There are 3 sizes of poles and fur covered supports. Start by using the medium sized rope covered poles to secure the hide box to the platform. Then use the visual to gauge the lengths to use thereafter.
    My cat likes the hide box and the elevated platform to see out the window. Our chair is still the preference for sharping claws :-( but time will tell. Overall, it is sturdy for a single, smaller cat.
    December 11, 2020
    Cat loves it. First thing she did was collect up all of her catnip and stored it in the cubbyhole. Strung some black lights and hung beads from entry way. Sign went up “ free buzz the first time” Hangs and chills in the basket. I started noticing neighborhood cats stopping by. At all hours of day and night. Amazon scout started showing an accelerated shipment of packages. “ catnip” I had a talk with her and told her to watch her butt. People keep track of this stuff. Weeks and weeks go by. New lazers, designer balls, electronic vermin. Quite the organization. The dark glasses got me a little frightened. Careful what you ask for.
    Andrea Shafer
    November 28, 2020
    I really like this, I do, and I would purchase it again. That said, the instructions tell you how many pieces of what you are supposed to have, and on it had measurements for the different pieces, BUT none of them were marked so they were difficult to tell which to use were unless we measured. Also, the cat is a little "chunky" so it might be a little wobbly, but if she wasn't it would be perfectly fine stability wise. It is more suited for smaller cats, not ones that are chunky, slightly overweight or more then about 8 lbs.
    Lisbeth shepherd
    August 13, 2020
    I chose this cat tree because it had several different types of seating without being giant. The cat tree stands about 3 feet tall. It's not huge, but a full sized cat can easily sit in all parts of the tree. I read several reviews saying that the tree can tip and, assembled by the directions, I can see how that could happen. When my cat,(about 10 lbs.) tried to sit in the basket, it definitely felt like it wasn't stable. The basket kind of sits out to the side, so when a cat is in there, it's just too much weight on the side without enough support. This part of the cat tree is supported by a narrow pole of sorts. I gave it more stability by setting the pole inside a pet food bowl with a flat, wide bottom, creating more surface area on the floor. Now she sits in the basket without any worries.
    Anonymous Buyer
    July 13, 2020
    The package was a lot heavier than I expected. Going through the pieces it appeared that the smallest platform was missing but it was inside the platform that goes on the very top, I was just assuming it was all one piece. All pieces needed were in there including the little allen wrench needed to tighten all the screws.

    The instructions are pretty much just pictures but it's fairly easy to figure out. Pay attention to make sure you're attaching the pieces correctly. I was in a hurry and initially attached the hideaway box backwards on the lower pieces, luckily it was an easy fix. Overall, it probably took me about 30 mins to get it all assembled. My cat kept trying to jump in it before I was done so it's safe to say he likes it.

    The fully assembled tower feels sturdy and like it should hold up well. Only time will tell.
    N. Meador
    June 22, 2020
    It was easy to assemble with an electronic screwdriver but would have probably taken a lot of time and effort with the tool provided. It's sturdy except for a little side-to-side wobble, especially if my cat went on the top platform. I put a felt pad under the side leg for a little more support. Cat loved all the features... just rarely sat on the top platform (maybe because of the slight wobble).
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