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Freestanding Wood Dog Fence with Adjustable Width 39.7″ to 71.2″, Natural


Puppies often get themselves in an unsafe place easily when being out of your sight. This Coziwow 21″H Adjustable-Tension Wood Dog Gate is a must-to-have piece to keep your dog friends (small/medium) contained in a safe area where they can also enjoy their stay.

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Puppies often get themselves in an unsafe place easily when being out of your sight. This Coziwow 21″H Adjustable-Tension Wood Dog Gate is a must-to-have piece to keep your dog friends (small/medium) contained in a safe area where they can also enjoy their stay. Featuring adjustable width from 39.7” to 71.2”, the freestanding extra-wide dog fence will fit seamlessly with different entrances of doorways, hallways, and stairs while allowing you to step over with ease. With mesh segregation, the stably wood barrier with side panels keeps both your small pets and lovely babies safe and provides visible company.


  • Freestanding indoor dog gate: keeps your furry friends out of certain areas or dangers
  • Adjustable width: 39.8″ to 71.2″ to match most openings of doorways, stairs, etc.
  • Suitable occasions: entrances, stairs, bedrooms, kitchens, balconies, bathrooms
  • Neutral modern style: blends or complements your existing inner decors seamlessly
  • Durable material: made from pet-friendly sturdy wood and rustproof wire meshes
  • Stable standing: side panels with extended legs to make the frame tipping-proof
  • Easy assemble: to set up and take down easily for convenient use or storage
  • Proper height: 21″H to prevent puppies from jumping over



Pinewood + Wire Mesh

Compact Dimensions

39.7"L x 17.7"W x 21"H

Expanded Dimensions

71.2"L x 17.7"W x 21"H

Panel Thickness


Net Weight

12.8 lbs

Suitable Pets

Small and Medium

11 reviews for Freestanding Wood Dog Fence with Adjustable Width 39.7″ to 71.2″, Natural

    June 9, 2022
    If you aren't going to install the cups for the side pads to go in, it will never be truly sturdy.
    I purchased as a tension only gate and it's fine for my polite dogs, and the vertical only bars make it not fun to push on anyways, but a determined child or dog could push it down if you don't install the cups. But this would have created screw b holes that I Don't want to deal with for what I think is a temporary gate.
    However, I still give it 4 stars because the other tension gate I bought for much cheaper didn't function at all and didn't have the walk through feature.
    All in all, I would purchase again (and have) but don't expect it to be pull/push proof unless you drill holes.
    June 9, 2022
    I bought this gate to keep limit my dog to the mudroom while I am away from home for more than a few hours so it's installed between, and separates, the hallway and the laundry room, spare room, and garage door, so I pass through the gate multiple times a day. Open > close > open > close, etc. It hasn't moved, budged, or stopped being functional once.

    It's really easy to open / close so if you're idea is to keep a toddler corralled....good luck. A smart one at least. Heck, a dog could open it if it knew what it was doing. My only wish is that it would be great if it came in other colors. It's not a bad looking gate so a black or grey would be nice.
    May 5, 2022
    I was looking for a gate to keep my small dogs from going up the stairs. I did not want to put screws in the wall. This gate works great just using the pressurized option. It is also quite attractive. The gate is easy to open, so I can go up and down the stairs without any problem. My two dogs are both under 15 pounds, so this gate is definitely sturdy enough to prevent them from knocking it over. It was very easy to assemble. The option for securing the gate stronger by screwing the sides into a wall is also available. The gate does exactly what I wanted, and I'm very happy with my purchase.
    April 15, 2022
    We use these to keep our puppy contained where we can keep eyes on her.
    Prior to purchasing these gates, we used other pressure mounted gates. Those worked well to keep the puppy contained, but were too cumbersome to put up/take down for human passage which meant we had to step over them (while not a big problem for my husband, it was quite a pain for my short chubby self).
    So, we checked these out and they are AWESOME! These gates allow for easy passage and work to contain the tiny terror (puppy). The latch is easy to operate, even one-handed. My husband installed them easily in about 15 minutes each. They are pressure mounted and will be easily removed when the time comes.
    September 12, 2021
    Our apartment needed some baby gates to block off the kitchen and the hallway/entryway so I got 2 from this brand, in different sizes and styles. Both worked well. They stay on the wall. They are metal and are sturdy. My son grabs onto them and tries to climb and cries like a caged monkey, and the gate still performs admirably. The thing to note with these gates is that they get less stable as the width increases, it's just physics. So you need to buy gates that are wide enough for the space, but make sure your space isn't hitting the upper limit of the quoted range. Also, with a wall saver (rubber insert), it gets sturdier. So far, the gate managed to remain locked in position on our really wide hallway.

    The gate mechanism itself is great. I love how easy it is to use with one hand. This product works well and even if I hesitated spending this much on a temporary baby gate, I see why this product is worth the money. This specific model only swings one way, so if you want the door to swing in either direction, this may not be the product for you.
    May 16, 2021
    I had this same brand gate for several years when my kids were young. Now using as a pet gate and it finally broke after 9+ years. Ordered this gate thinking it was the same gate and was surprised it was cheaper than what I paid many years ago. However, when I opened up the box I immediately saw why. They have made these significantly less robust! The plastic handle feels like it could easily break. Works great for now but don’t expect it to last. However, with the cheaper price now days it may be worth the lesser build quality. Only time will tell.
    Chris X
    August 9, 2020
    These gates install in a minute and work flawlessly. We first bought a few due to a new puppy and were so happy with them we bought several more.

    I’ve used gates for children, babies, and pets many times and bending over to open or step over is a hassle. These are by far the best design ever.... you just lift a lever and swing it open. Easy as pie.

    We separate gates for all the rooms and we can regulate our puppy anxiety easily. I wish we had these in the past they would never have left.

    They are fully adjustable to fit doorways and hallways. The extra pieces when not used for doors allow for even wider placements on your other remaining gates. No need to drill holes as they hold fine. If using at top of the stairs I would definitely use the screws however especially for children. (Added safety)

    The paint is super hard and they arrived perfect even although we grabbed excellent warehouse deala! Thank you Amazon and Regalo for an excellent amazing product, we love you guys! ?
    Amanda Lough
    December 7, 2019
    This is my third gate from Regalo. I have an extra wide one across my kitchen and a normal one across a doorway to keep my dogs from running through the house muddy. This gate is also to contain dogs. The gate came in several pieces that were easy to assemble (you have to screw the two sides together at the bottom, this used to ship as a welded piece). They had a good idea to make the gate work either way, but it doesn't function the way they intended. The old gates have a metal piece at the bottom that prevents the gate from opening in both directions, this new model as a plastic piece that can be flipped down from either side or neither to set the gate to dual open or open from either side. There are two problems: the first is plastic can be broken off easily, the second is that they didn't change the latch. The latch still has one side longer than the other and this means that if you want to have it open both ways the gate must be installed so that the long edge of the latch can swing through and that means there isn't much of the short edge to catch to keep the gate closed. Ultimately this could be a good design if they change the latch to having equal lengths on either side of the gate, but with the old style latch the gate isn't really dual direction open. So be aware if you've bought these gates before, the design is slightly different.
    E. Nick
    August 8, 2019
    I bought this gate three years ago to keep my devilishly cute puppy from going up the stairs to the carpeted areas of the house while we were still house-training her. It worked very well for the purpose. We didn't find the gate opening too narrow and it was easy to navigate, even while carrying stuff. It did take a chunk of paint and texture off the wall when we took it down, but that's nothing that a little paint can't fix.

    So when our baby started crawling, I ordered a second one to go at the top of the stairs, and let me tell you, it just didn't work there for us. Having to step over the bottom rail on the gate adds a couple of inches to the stair height that are a bigger deal than they sound. Going through the gate at the top of the stairs also made the opening feel narrower and it was harder to navigate while carrying something. After catching my toe on the bottom rail several times while carrying the baby through, including one spectacular collision that jerked the gate loose from the wall, it became obvious that having the gate there was more dangerous than not having it there, and if I didn't move it, baby and I were both going to learn more about gravity than we wanted to know.

    So, we still have this at the bottom of the stairs, where it performs admirably. At the top, we had to come up with a different solution.
    December 29, 2018
    I'm using this to keep my roommates' dogs and my cat apart while I'm away since I don't know how the animals interact yet and I'd rather be safe than sorry. My box was actually delivered to the wrong address, but a neighbor kindly got it to the right place for me, otherwise this review would be a lot different...I had two other packages delivered to the correct address the same day, so I'm not sure why there was a problem.
    The gate itself is metal. It comes with the extension shown, which you'll need for a normal sized hallway or doorway.
    Setup: The extension slips into the main gate structure and then there are four tension rods on each corner of the gate. You put them through the holes and tighten them and you're all set. The gate only opens one direction, so make sure you figure out the direction you want the door to open before completely tightening the tension rods.

    I will update if there is any wall damage, as the gate does seem to have a fair bit of tension on the walls in order to stay strongly supported and for the latch to be able to close into place (it doesn't look like it will lock when you first take it out of the box, then you tighten the rods, and the gap between the gate and the lock goes away).
    November 24, 2017
    These are amazing gates and relatively easy to install IF YOU READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL CAREFULLY! Absolutely DO use the cups provided to secure the gate at the top of the stairs, so that the gate will not move from pressure, But I also recommend you use the cups in ALL locations as no matter how tightly I installed the gates, my bruiser of a toddler grandson could make the gate move on the wall, so if you screw in the cups, no kid can move it no matter how strong. When you first get the gate out of the box, it will look like there is a gap in the gate and you might think it is broken or something wrong with it, but the gap disappears as you adjust it into place. I am really good at figuring things out on my own without instruction manuals, but this was one instruction manual I read carefully because my grandson's safety is of utmost importance. I taught the older kids how to open and close it and they were great about being really responsible about closing the gate behind them. I read some reviews that some people cannot open it with one hand, but I had ZERO issue with opening it with one hand from either direction and I am an old lady with smallish hands.
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