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Adjustable Freestanding Pine Wood Safety Gate for Pet Dogs


How to prevent the pet dogs from climbing up onto the bed or enter the baby room without restricting their freedom? This exquisite pet fence is exactly a perfect choice.

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How to prevent the pet dogs from climbing up onto the bed or enter the baby room without restricting their freedom?

This exquisite pet fence is exactly a perfect choice.

It can be used to block off stairs, doorways and wide openings while ensuring your pets certain sphere of activity. Constructed from pine wood and metal wire mesh, this product can be sturdy and healthy. The glossy finish and smooth surface without any sharp edges wouldnt cause scratches or unsightly marks on the floor. And the side panels can also help to keep the gate from tipping over.

If you have pets in your house, this freestanding safety fence will be no doubt a necessity!


  • Confine your pets sphere of activity without hurting them
  • Glossy finish and smooth surface
  • Non-toxic, no irritating smells
  • Easy assembly
  • Assured quality and good after-sale service

Dark Brown


Pine Wood And Metal

Overall Dimension

(39.8"-71.2")L x 17.7"W x 21.1"H

Frame Dimension

1.1" x 1.5"

Wire Mesh Diameter


14 reviews for Adjustable Freestanding Pine Wood Safety Gate for Pet Dogs

    Paullette Baeten
    June 9, 2022
    Gate arrived timely, packed well and in perfect condition. I didn't want to put hardware on my walls so I use it with the stands attached. I have a similar entrance, but my walls at the bottom have decorative wood wrapped posts so gate has a gap between the wall and fence. It still works for me because my dogs only need something to discourage them. Once in awhile one will get too excited, put her muzzle between the wall and fence and push it open, but for the most part it works for us. We have 3 shelties and 2 yorkies that visit. I wouldn't trust the way I set it up, if getting loose posed danger. I'm just keeping them out of my living room so it's fine. It slides easily so if you're using it for security, you would need to attach it to walls.
    Chicago Mom
    June 9, 2022
    This is a really nice looking, easy to assemble and sturdy gate. We purchased it to keep a small, well behaved dog out of a section of the house. It's low enough that we can walk over it, but if we wanted to slide it open/closed, it's easy enough since it's well made for this option. That being said, it's not very tall and not bolted into the wall, so if a more rambunctious puppy really wanted to push through or jump over it, he could. I recommend this product for anyone looking for a well made, attractive gate to keep small, obedient or older dogs (i.e. too tired to care) contained.
    June 9, 2022
    These are excellent gates. We ended up investing in a few of these to keep the dogs who misbehave in our house near us, but not where we couldn't see them. We had to basically halve the living room with them, due to furniture obscuring our total view, but it doesn't even look bad, surprisingly (at least we like it!). We didn't get all the gates at once, either. We got them over a little bit of time, as they proved so useful. They are good looking and well made. You can easily walk over the gates if you can pick your feet up well or just move them aside, of course. There is a tall dog who can jump over the gates, but that's okay, because she's good. :)

    Note: If you fall over one they are easy to put back together, as well; apparently they don't tend to break easily. :) Okay, I was running -- *blush*

    UPDATE: These are still used and still useful and only the one I did fall over and put back together has instability issues if I move it. I'm sure a little glue in the right places could remedy that, as nothing is actually broken--just unglued! This particular one is usually not moved since it has been punished and moved to a less used location for tripping me! I think maybe I resent it a little for tripping me, so I don't see it often enough. I love these because they are standalone, so you can move them anywhere and adjust them and that offers so much convenience! The feet do just out a bit, though. I have tripped over those, too. :( I blame mysef and not thinking about that in spots I have chosen, though.
    C S$$$
    June 9, 2022
    Took about 10 minutes to assemble and install.
    A Phillips head screwdriver. Screws are tiny. Recommend you hold off on the three shots of expression until after your done.

    Sturdy enough to keep puppies in puppy proof rooms despite them leaning or pawing the gate. Recommend BOT stepping over the gate but moving it. Will not tip over - but you will if your foot catches the frame as you step over. This was a replacement for an identical gate that didn’t survive my falling in it.
    Gary F. Strickland
    June 9, 2022
    I recently inherited two large dogs from a deceased close relative. The dogs are great, however, from time to time, they have a propensity to defecate in the house. To save my living room carpet, I needed to barricade the 3- 60" wide entry ways to the living room. These Carlson pet barriers work great even though the dogs are somewhat taller than the barrier height, which is only about 20 inches. I have since learned that Carlson makes a taller version of the same model, but thus far, after several months, my dogs have not tried to jump over the barriers to do their business. The barriers are well made, easily adjustable, and actually quite attractive.
    K. Bennett
    July 21, 2021
    This is my favorite pet gate. I would only recommend it if you have a small dog or old dog who doesn't jump. It's perfect to keep my 17 year old Bassett and 10 year old Labrador out of certain rooms. One issue that I encounterd was that the locking mechanisms were not put on correctly which prohibited them from properly locking. I unscrewed each one and adjusted them myself. All good now.
    July 16, 2021
    Love these gates! I ordered these to keep our 2 tiny maltese from going into the formal living room, so I needed something that looked... well... kinda nice and somewhat formal. I did not want to put any screws into the wall. These gates are functional, pretty, and super easy for us hoomans to climb over, while keeping the fur kids off the pristine carpet. And for the one reviewer on here who said their tiny puppers could easily push the gate aside (pretty sure they even posted a video).... READ / FOLLOW the INSTRUCTIONS! You're supposed to put the nubs on the ends on the side of the wall that puppers is in so they can't push it out of the way. Works perfectly here! I love and highly recommend these gates, and am really happy with my purchase. (Easy to assemble, too)
    Shopper Gal
    December 21, 2020
    I use this to keep my pet in family room at night. Really good looking gate. The stained wood makes it look like a piece of furniture. I have a small dog so he can’t push this gate to get out. If you use this for a larger pet I’m not sure you’d be as satisfied as the tension aspect of the design is not that great. Even without significant tension, this free standing barrier, exceeds expectations. For a larger pet I’d consider putting hooks in wall to hold in place. The good looks make this modification worth the extra effort.
    June 30, 2020
    The Carlson free standing pet gate is really nice. I have to admit that when I saw this gate on Amazon I didn't think that it would be very sturdy because it's free standing. I purchased it anyway because I needed a longer gate and I was having a really hard time finding one that was more than 70" long. I needed to keep my 6 month old Cocker Spaniel out of our cat's litter box. I love that I can adjust the length of the gate and it has 4 locks (2 on the top and 2 on the bottom) to lock it in place. It's low enough that my cat can jump over it and us adults can step over it with no problem. It's also easy to move around if you need to. This gate is working out perfectly for our needs.
    May 12, 2019
    I purchased two of these. The 1st one I got used and at discount. It’s had a few scratches and dents in the wood. But this was listed in the description. It worked out so well with one of the living rooms I went ahaead and ordered another new this time for the formal living room and it was flawless. I have two chiweenies ( chihuahua & Dotson mix) it’s perfect size for them and the wood loooks nice with the wood trim in my home. I can easily step over them and not worry about moving them every time. The living rooms have wide entrances. I believe it’s was 62” or so. Can’t remember now but I do wish they have one that was capable of stretching to 93”. My formal living room opens into formal dining room also and would love to have another gate to match the one in opening to front entryway of home. But still a great product.
    James G. Shearer
    November 7, 2018
    Love it! Low enough to step over but high enough to keep my dogs contained. Jack Russels but not the high jumping variety! It has 4 quick clamps to open or close. It's really meant to be left in place and not opened and closed regularly tho it is easy when u do but u have to bend to the floor for 2 of them. Its lightweight and was simple to put together. That said.. it has to be wedged against a wall. If u have a smart dog that pulls on it instead of pushing only, u may have a problem. We just happen to have bifold doors and are able to place the protruding piece inside them so they cant move it either way.
    October 9, 2018
    I freaking love this thing. I looked at so many gates and options to try to close off an awkward entryway and I don't like the look of baby gates, don't want to mar walls, don't want something difficult to pass or get through in a major area. This is to prevent a small dog from reaching the door or going upstairs. Its attractive and goes with furniture and floor so it's not an eyesore. It's easy to adjust, step over, or just pick it up and move to side when you aren't trying to block the area. I have an actual baby gate in the hall and hate that thing. I wouldn't use this to try to prevent a toddler from going somewhere or larger dog but it works for what I need it for.
    October 25, 2016
    This gate is very attractive and does exactly what it is supposed to do. The "stops" on the one side keep it in place and the feet on each side give it stability. The lower height is just right for those that want to keep it set up and still be able to step over easily. My only con is that it is soft wood. The first day that we had it our Maltipoo who is 10 pounds, and well groomed was able to scratch the wood very easily to the point that I have had to use wood filler.
    August 8, 2016
    This is very pretty and goes well with my wood floors. Only time would tell how long it will last. If it last me a couple of years I will be happy. It probably took me 10 minutes to assemble the legs and the brackets without reading the instructions. I had to separate them in 2 pieces to attach the legs. I had to unscrew the top brackets to loosen the wood and to fit in the wood and screw back in. It is low enough to step over. My dogs are not jumpers so this works. My dogs are Shih tzu and Miniature poodle. My plan is to put them in the rec room on days I am gone too long so if there are accidents, I know where to look. :-) I am considering getting another one.
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