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8-Panel Folding Dog Pet Playpen with Latch Door, 48” Configurable Exercise Fence, Indoor & Outdoor


Do you want your furry friend to breath in fresh air and enjoy outdoor time, but are you afraid that they might get injured from external threat? COWZIWOW 8-panel pet playpen is well designed to give your rabbits, chicken, and other small animals a safe and comfortable environment.

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Do you want your furry friend to breath in fresh air and enjoy outdoor time, but are you afraid that they might get injured from external threat? COWZIWOW 8-panel pet playpen is well designed to give your rabbits, chicken, and other small animals a safe and comfortable environment.

Made of heavy-duty steel pipes with powder coated finish, our pet fence barrier is rust and weather resistant. The configurable design makes it perfectly fit your space, so that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The wire meshes not only allow you to keep interaction with your pets, but also have high tensile strength so that it won’t be easily destroyed. The spacious internal area offers ample space for your dogs to exercise and play freely without external threat. The door is lockable with latch and easy to open for you. It is easy to assemble and fold, and no tools required.

  • Spacious internal space for small and medium size pets to exercise and play  
  • Rust and weather resistant steel pipes with powder coating
  • High tensile-strength wire mesh, durable and protective
  • Configurable design, multiple shapes to fit your space
  • Wide door with lockable latch, easy for you to open   
  • Folding design, easy to store and carry
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required




Single Panel Dimension

31” (W) X 48” (H)

Door Dimension

12.8” (W) X 39” (H)

Net Weight

56.2 lbs

Package Includes

1 X 8-Panel Dog Playpen with Door
1 X Instruction

15 reviews for 8-Panel Folding Dog Pet Playpen with Latch Door, 48” Configurable Exercise Fence, Indoor & Outdoor

    Kim Harbeck
    June 10, 2022
    We have two 10 week old puppies. Trying to potty train the two of them at one time is tough. We put up this indoor Pet Yard around our doggy door. The puppies can go outside and come back in when ever they want. At times, if we are not home or it is wet and muddy outside, we lock the door of the Pet Yard so if the puppies come back in from outside, they cannot get to the rest of the house until we allow it. This will also work great in the summer. We live in Arizona and the puppies will need to get inside where it is cool. At night, we lock the Pet Yard's door so the pups do not have run of the house, but yet can still get outside. We also purchased the X-Xone Pet Playpen. We put it inside the Pet Yard. They love it and sleep in it all the time. The Pet Yard is not very tall, but for puppies, it works great. They can't jump over it yet.
    PB & J
    June 10, 2022
    In the past I had used flimsy metal gates, I did not like having protruding metal at the corners where the gate pieces would come together (we actually had a golden retrieve rip her eye corner from getting caught on one before), and I didn't like how they would move if a puppy would put its paws on it.. this pet petyard solves all those issues. The corners have locking plastic pieces with nothing exposed--nothing to accidentally poke and prod an animal that happens to rub up against it. Since the corners lock and need a good push to adjust, if a puppy pushes it (unless they are heavy).. it isn't going to move, or bow. There also is a doggy door which I like to have... when our puppy is free to roam he can go in and out as he pleases, and if he needs to be penned up we can just twist and lock the door. I also like that you can adjust the size of the area as you can remove the panels (or order more and make it bigger). I would recommend this for anyone with puppies, small dogs, or dogs that will not attempt to jump the 2 foot height.
    Steve K.
    April 23, 2022
    This is very sturdy even after puppy hood. We have eight sections that are each 3 ft. long. As a puppy, we made a square with four and used the others (two at a time) as hinged gates for our rather wide doorways. Now we have six of them making a 3' by 6' play area. There is a doorway that is hinged and can be locked. He has water and a washable pee pad in there. It works well if we need to pen him with his toys because of guests. I have cardboard and a whelping pad underneath. This takes strength to put together and take apart, so it is not portable on a daily basis. We were impressed with how well it is made and how strong it is.
    April 12, 2022
    Bought for our new puppy... who as it turns out, hates being contained in any way! It didn't last long in our house, but we are using some of the panels to block off other areas of the house. Plan to use it outside in the spring to discourage him from entering the garden area. When it is set up as a large circle, it is somewhat unstable. The puppy can push it around and if my other dog pushes against it, I fear she would break it. Overall an okay purchase, but may not be for everyone.
    November 25, 2021
    We had 10 puppies & this has been a dream since they got old enough to escape from our original whelping area design from moving boxes. Mama dog was too big to go through door, but she managed to jump over it from the futon and/or bend it enough to get in or out to feed during the night. I'm happily surprised that it did not break (she is over 50 lbs) which is why I say it's durable. We did not secure it, but we took apart the sides & zip tied them to make it about 1.5 wide vs 2 wide, so we could walk around it, sometimes as the pups or mama pushes against it. As the puppies are older now, they use the doggie door when it's time to go outside & only have problems when 2-3 of them try to exit at the same time. I have been tempted to purchase a second one because I like it so much, but we are finally down to 5 pups. Although, I only have 4 stars on cleaning - it's because of the crevices & somehow our pups have learned to poop higher and/or get in the crevices of the corners, but a hose gets the majority since it's plastic. I highly recommend & believe it was well worth the money.
    November 22, 2021
    When we got ready for our new puppy, I knew I needed some kind of pen, especially for a potty area outdoors. That is what I bought this for. But I realized we also needed an indoor play area. I ended up making this really large pen into two square ones, to create two play pens that are a much easier size indoors. My puppy is quite the jumper, so I don't know how long this will last, but for now it is perfect. I appreciate the no-skid strips that came with it to put on the bottom. I had an old vinyl banner I cut into a larger square to put underneath the pen, and it doesn't move around much at all with these no-skid strips on the bottom. I'm getting plenty of exercise bending over all the time to get her in and out. I don't use the door. I might be able to use it as an outdoor play yard in the future, if she would not try to jump out when bigger. We don't have a completely fenced in yard so it definitely could be used for this, under proper supervision. Happy with my purchase and how it is working out right now. Waiting for potty training to fully take effect! That will be a while.
    August 11, 2021
    This is a solid enclosure for small to medium dogs. Larger dogs could easily hop out or knock it over if they were so inclined. I used mine to establish a "boundary" around a large pee pad, for training my outdoor dog to go indoors. Worked like a champ. She was already used to using a cat flap to go out, so she made the association right away. My only complants are that the doggie door is too small and is too rigid even when unlocked. Also for some strange reason mine arrived assembled but folded in such a way that the doggie door was facing the wrong way. I had to refold every panel joint in the opposite direction, which was difficult. Then I ended up popping out the doggie door anyways, because the pup was reluctant to use it. Once the door was gone she quickly learned to go in and out (she's blind).
    April 24, 2021
    Used for a pen for my new puppy. I was able to bend it to conform to his crate and to accommodate a waterproof pad from Pet Inspired. I love it. It takes the pounding of a 12 lb puppy jumping on it and I have it laid out with one open end at the crate where it is wedged by furniture. Once he gets bigger I will connect the ends, move the crate, and it will be even more stable. It does have a carry handle but this thing is bulky for a woman anyway, and yes you could move it but not daily. Note that the joints will allow you to make sides straight or in an octagon. Since I got the 8 panel version I have a lot of flexibility. We will be using it for quite awhile longer. I would not recommend it for anything but a puppy or a small to medium breed that only gets about 12 inches high. A large breed could get over it, but by that time your puppy should be trained. I am glad I picked this pet yard.
    November 1, 2020
    The pro: these will hold up well to a quickly growing large dog in training phase who needs a safe space for short hour or two when mom & dad need to take meetings. It won't bend or be pushed easily from the weight of a large dog or playful pup.

    The con: these are finicky and difficult to take down. I need help from my husband to attach the panels together. Taking apart to pack away is easy, but getting the notches to fit together when putting it together isn't as easy to do on my own (you have to press down quite hard and slip the notches together just right).

    All in all, we'll keep it because it's the sturdier option compared to other plastic playpens and is definitely safer than metal play yards where growing pups can get their jaw stuck between the bars (useful advice from our breeder and vet). But if we decide we'll need portability we'll probably find an alternative lighter weight play yard.
    March 27, 2020
    I bought this for my maltipoo puppy. It was very large for a small dog, but it was perfect for the first few months. He had plenty of room for his bed, poo pad, water dish and too many toys. It was so big that I don't think he realized he was "caged," because he had so much room to run. As he got older, became pad-trained, and could be trusted to be out for longer periods, I left the door (perhaps the best feature of all) unlatched (except at night and sometimes propped it open with a bungee cord so he could see he could freely go in and out. He would run around like crazy with our older dog, dive into his "condo" for a drink of water or to pee and head right back out again. As I said, this is large, and it took a lot of space in our living area. Now that my pup is older and potty trained, I removed two panels, (easy peasy) making the enclosure a rectangle instead of a square and taking only half as much space. There's still room for the bed, the pad and the water, but he does his romping on the outside. I shopped a long time for the "right" pen, and this is it. A perfect upgrade would be to make the pet door panel also able to swing open so I could step in to clean. Climbing over is a little difficult for my short legs. Overall a great product!
    October 14, 2019
    This has enough space for your dog to roam around, can be manipulated to fit in most locations, and The pads on the feet are also a plus. They prevent wood floors from being scratched. Perfect height to keep in small dogs but low enough to step over if you need to get in. Tip: don’t keep your dogs kennel near the edge of the pen or he’ll jump on his kennel, and over the fence. I did this and came home to a happy little dog bounding down the stairs.

    This is a pain to lug around and set up.
    The carry “handle” is useless. It’s got a button closure so obviously the weight of the bulky pen causes the button to snap open while it’s being carried.
    My only concern is future durability. The clicking sound the panels make is unnerving. It sounds like you’re moving them in a way they’re not supposed to and the amount of force needed to adjust them seems like they could end up breaking. Given the price, I’m hoping it lasts for many years despite its questionable durability.
    Overall, it’s a much better alternative than leaving my Shih Tzu locked in his kennel all day. He has room to stretch his legs, play with his toys, and eat so it’s worth the hassle of set up and take down.
    Kindle Customer
    September 23, 2018
    We bought this to keep a puppy penned up while he learns where NOT to do his business. It works exactly as it's needed to, though we don't have it connected to itself. By not connected to itself, I mean, we have one end stuck between the couch and a crate, and the other end is against the wall about 8 feet away, propped in place with a chair.
    For now, the puppy is small enough that he can't bounce it out of place, or push it over, but I know as he grows, we'll have to adjust and connect it back to itself for more stability.
    My kids LOVE the dog door, since they can coerce the puppy to come out easily without jumping in, but I like that I can lock the doggy door and it keeps him securely in the pen when I am not there to keep an eye on him.
    The only con to this that I have is that it's actually pretty hard to get the panels to bend to the degree that you want them to. They have to click lock on both the upper and the lower connectors for each panel, and sometimes, trying to get these to open to the same place is bordering on crazy. On top of that, it's SO LOUD when you click them that it terrifies the puppy and he runs off to hide. Oh well. Healthy fear of a wall never hurt anyone. :) It's definitely not a showstopper for us, I just wish there was a better way to do it.
    July 17, 2018
    8 panels is REALLY big! Luckily they separate into two panel sections without much effort. I mainly got this for my elderly female dog. She mostly spends her day sleeping in her little chair, but the other dogs are alway pestering her. The other problem was she is a little senile and sometimes just pees right on the floor. The other dogs smell it and assume I want them to mark it too. She is a small dog so with only 6 panels she can have nice amout of room to walk around, and it fits her little chair. I use disposable peepee pads to like the floor and that has eliminated that issue.
    I did test the full enclosure with all four dog. They are papillons ranging in size from 6.5lbs to 14lbs. With 8 panels they have a good amount of room. One of my dogs is extremely agile and hopped right over it. My senior dog and the two other dogs did not even try.
    Over all this has been a good purchase and I would recomend.
    May 22, 2018
    We really like this fence - it is so versatile - it breaks down into it's component parts easily to use as gates to block areas - as well as a "pen". We are using the various parts to block: stairs, spindles for railings, hallways, doorways, dinner table, etc. She is a puppy and she's like a slippery mouse and can zip everywhere. We've always had big dogs for the past 35 yrs Huskies and a Chow chow and now a Shichon - world of difference in where that little wiggle worm can get to.

    ha ha ha we'll get you my pretty!
    K. Brumfield
    April 18, 2017
    Really like this product for confining my new puppy. There's enough room for his open, wire crate, food and water bowls, and a pee pad. Very sturdy and well made. Love the door flap and it's lock. Only thing that kept this from being a five star was I found the process of connecting the first panel to the last panel much more difficult than it should have been.
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