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8-Panel Folding Dog Pet Playpen with Latch Door& Exercise Fence


Our 8-panel pet playpen offers spacious space for your dogs to exercise and play while protecting them from hazards.

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Do you want your furry friend to breath in fresh air and enjoy outdoor time, but are you afraid that they might get injured from external threat? COWZIWOW 8-panel pet playpen is well designed to give your rabbits, chicken, and other small animals a safe and comfortable environment.

Made of heavy-duty steel pipes with powder coated finish, our pet fence barrier is rust and weather resistant. The configurable design makes it perfectly fit your space, so that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The wire meshes not only allow you to keep interaction with your pets, but also have high tensile strength so that it won’t be easily destroyed. The spacious internal area offers ample space for your dogs to exercise and play freely without external threat. The door is lockable with latch and easy to open for you. It is easy to assemble and fold, and no tools required.

  • Spacious internal space for small and medium size pets to exercise and play  
  • Rust and weather resistant steel pipes with powder coating
  • High tensile-strength wire mesh, durable and protective
  • Configurable design, multiple shapes to fit your space
  • Wide door with lockable latch, easy for you to open   
  • Folding design, easy to store and carry
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required




Single Panel Dimension

31” (W) X 24” (H)

Door Dimension

12” (W) X 17.5” (H)

Net Weight

36.4 lbs

Package Includes

1 X 8-Panel Dog Playpen with Door
1 X Instruction

12 reviews for 8-Panel Folding Dog Pet Playpen with Latch Door& Exercise Fence

    June 10, 2022
    Very simple to set-up and had it together in under ten minutes. I was surprised to see four pages of stickers which I wasn’t expecting and added later, they have proven to be entertaining for the puppy. I like the transparency of the panels for keeping an eye on her. The plastic is lighter than expected. I half expect the puppy to push it across the floor at some point but for now it does the job. Much, much lighter than anticipated and the reason for four stars. I would recommend and would order again.
    It’s been almost a year and this pen has seen multiple different configurations. Never once did she push it across the floor, it’s never moved more than a few inches from where it’s set up. It’s very versatile, we have been able to easily break it down to take it to friends. Looking back, I’m glad we got this one.
    June 10, 2022
    This system, unlike so many others is minimalistic, so it does not create a massive eye-sore, and being so stream lined, it will be easy to store when not in use. The panels are easy to assemble and add to as needed, in numerous ways. It is also quite durable as the kittens will run into it at full tilt, and no issues. They will claw at it as well, and still, no issues. In our case we were not creating a pen, rather, barriers in strategic locations to keep Kittens where they can be monitored easily. Mostly to partition the upstairs from the downstairs. As well, to keep them off the exposed beams easily accessible from the upper landing. Everything has been affixed to either a banister or rail for stability for our use. The ability to create a gate and zip-tie hinges is also great! We use magnets on the wall to hold the door closed at the top of the stairs. This was a great buy!
    June 10, 2022
    Exactly what I was looking for!
    I have a disabled baby cockatiel. He has birth defects. His upper beak is very short. It never developed the 'hook' part. And his wings are missing his 'hands'. As the vet said, he has no wrists. The 'hands' are where the flight feathers form. So he cannot ever fly. But he doesn't realize that and keeps trying to fly. Doctor said to give him low perches.
    He can't stay in his cage all the time while my other birds are having fun out of theirs, so I figured I'd get a playpen for him. But he can climb. So the playpen has to be made of solid material that he can see through.
    Since he's a cockatiel, this playpen is perfect for him. He has plenty of room to play and the other birds can come visit him, which they love doing.
    I put a little birdy playpen in there and he has tons of fun.
    What a blessing that he now has this wonderful playpen. And the price is great!
    May 27, 2022
    We saw the Kitten Lady using this and wanted to give it a try. We adopted an overweight, senior cat with medical issues. We weren’t sure how our other cats would react and needed a “fort” for him. He loves it- has his own space. After the first week we took a panel off for an open front and he loves it. You can configure it however it works best for your situation. We did not use the zip ties and after the first week he was ready to come out and and just walked through it like the Kool Aid man. It did not collapse, just opened at the seam connector-he is 22 lbs. It is translucent and made of thick plastic. It stands above mid thigh(I’m 5’6) and is easy to clean. We put a sheet over the side for privacy when he first arrived and it stayed put. I just ordered another package so that I can use it to divide his current space. It would not hold in a cat that could jump. It was meant to be temporary, but it has become his den so I guess it stays. We have it on a tile floor and it does slide around so we put a concrete decoration at the corner and it no longer slides when he marks it with his cheek.
    April 28, 2022
    I bought this because I foster kittens; I love how easy it is to put together, and how versatile it is. Whether you only need 4 panels for a tiny kitten that can't jump and doesn't need much space, or the whole set for a series of spaces for isolated kittens, or a larger taller space for older leapers... this kit has you covered. Love it!
    March 2, 2022
    My dog has dementia and just paces endlessly, often in a circle, until he collapses. I used these to create a maze and couple little "rooms" in the basement for him to wander around in, and it's worked great. He still walks and walks, but he doesn't seem as anxious and lost now. I really like that they're transparent and not like a cage or fence.

    I also used four of the walls to make a "crib" around a doggie bed in the living room. If I know he's tired, I can put him in there and he'll give up on pacing and take a nap. I think the fact that he can still see me and everything in the room makes it feel different to him than a crate.

    That said, I'm not sure if these would work as well for me if my dog wasn't so old that he can't really still stand on his hind legs any more. If he were younger and more determined to get out/around them, I think he could probably push them the walls around or maybe knock them over. I'd probably need to prop it against something heavy to avoid that. So far, he stops the second his nose hits a wall.

    Small assembly tip: Slide it horizontally into the connector, instead of trying to push it down onto it . It clicked together easily for me that way, after which I'd push it down and make sure it's fully locked in.
    July 30, 2021
    I have 2 trouble-making corgis and recently rescued a kitten. My dogs will eat anything remotely consumable, so I had to find a way to keep them out of the litter box and kitty food/water dishes. I did not get this to contain the kitten. She can jump in and out of it very easily at 8 weeks, but my dogs can't easily get in - and that's exactly what I wanted.

    The one order of panels was enough to set up two pens. Each pen (6 panels) contains a small cat bed, a small litter box, a set of food/water dishes, and a couple of toys. Kitty has plenty of room to play, eat, taunt the dogs, or use her boxes. I didn't need to use zip ties or anything; pressing the panels into the connectors until they "click" was enough. The pen is stable enough for the kitten to jump onto the top of it and clamber over without damaging or knocking anything over.

    It's not an eyesore, and I love that I can reconfigure it as much as I want. There's no sharp edges, no head/paw-trapping gaps, and it's lightweight. Overall, it's a safe and affordable solution and probably something I'll continue using for as long as I have dogs and cats sharing my home.

    I will say, though, that this is probably not a good idea for you if you have really determined, rambunctious, or large animals. My corgis are pretty old, so they're lazier than they used to be. Now, they'll wait for an opportunity rather than creating one, so they've pretty much accepted this as a barrier.
    Mustafa and Jennifer Nasheed
    April 22, 2021
    Loved this alternative to crates and gates. It offers limitless configuration options. I don't have walls facing other walls or doorways that can accommodate gates so this is a great option. Unlike other pet containment choices, the see thru panels allow for eye contact with your pet, the ability for the pet owner to visually supervise rowdy or anxious pets and monitor ill pets. Plus aesthetically it is much more pleasing! I wish I had done an unboxing video because that was great as well. The packaging made sense, easy to open with all the parts neatly packaged inside with idiot proof instructions. Even I, a truly talented idiot, couldn't muck them up. And OMG the huge area the kit can provide if you use all the panels! What a clever product, wish they'd come along years ago. Fyi, depending on size and weight, a puppy or dog can get out if they want. This is not for determined escape artists. If your pets are reasonably trained but you want to restrict their wandering, this will fit the bill. It is not chew resistant, and likely not scratch resistant but I have two dogs, a medium and a big dog who like each other's presence but dont always play well together. This has been wonderful to ensure peace in the valley.
    May 26, 2018
    Perfect for a litter of kittens or puppies. Assembly is literally a snap. You can put it together quickly and it holds together firmly - for kittens. As for puppies, because it so light weight, you could still use it but you would have to reinforce it with the zip ties (that are provided) and secure the entire pen to the floor by attaching more zip ties to something heavy (little sand bags, or weight plates from a dumbell/barbell. Its ease of assembly was a particularly great feature in my case. My mother-cat wasn't happy with the pen's initial placement and kept removing the kittens from it (via an ottoman left beside the pen to ensure she could always get in to nurse them) to hide them underneath a bookcase. I simply took down the pen and reassembled it AROUND the bookcase. She's been happy ever since. I use the pen in conjunction with underpads used for incontinent bed-ridden patients. About 4 to 6 will cover the floor depending on how large a pen you want. Until the kittens figure out how to use their litter boxes I simply replace the soiled underpads as needed.
    March 28, 2018
    Why did I wait so long to get this? It works great for my 2 ferrets, which I am currently litter box training. Ferrets are little escape artists, and this does the job well. I had to put clear bumpers (for cabinets) on the floor on each foot to keep them from sliding it around. When assembling you have to use some force until you hear a click. I think others that stated it came apart easily might not have done this. The flexibility is great so you can do different heights, shapes, and sizes to suit your needs. Definitely a great buy if you have any small animal. Don't be put off by the bad reviews. Those are from people who bought it for cats and dogs, which the manufacturer even says it is not meant for.
    October 31, 2017
    I was honestly afraid to buy this for my ferrets because so many of the reviews had negative things to say about how it snapped together, how the panels were thin or like folder plastic, how the wire wasn't metal...the list goes on and on. I bit the bullet and bought it. I am so happy I did! None of those things were true and it seems the manufacturer heard the complaints and included a small wooden hammer, zip ties and instructions. I did not need the zip ties yet or the hammer. This was super easy to snap together into several different shapes as long as the shape is all 90 degree angles. This pen is aesthetically pleasing and they included cute sticker to put on the panels. I gave them to my kids but they were cute. I was worried that my ferrets would be able to push the panels open but so far they haven't. They also cannot climb out. I am going to keep testing this and will update my review if anything changes but so far so good. My ferrets love to push their boundaries and love to escape anything that contains them so they will certainly challenge this pen.
    Tom P.
    October 18, 2017
    I purchased this playpen for a kitten we found. He is less than two pounds but was able to "crack" it open at the corner. The manufacture had included a set of small zip ties, probably in response to similar complaints. I chose to use twist ties instead for easier breakdown later. The pen is quite roomy for a small kitten. I configured it with a "tab" or "pan handle" to separate the litter box. Speaking of which, the solid panels seem to hold in most of the litter box smell because when I lean in to feed or remove the kitten the smell seems stronger inside. For a "gate" I use a couple of mini clips instead of the connectors and leave it open while the kitten is roaming the house so that it can return to eat or use the litter box. Our little guy is quite a climber and jumper so we don't put anything inside that he can use for an escape. If fact I chose this playpen over the metal mesh type because I saw him climb up the side of an animal crate and get out through the top hatch. A word of warning though, your pet can see you through this so there's no hiding from him! We love it and have had inquiries about it too (from FB friends).
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