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60″ Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower Kitten Condo House with Scratching Posts, Grey with Paw Print


If you’re in the market for a cozy condo for your feline friend, this COZIWOW 60″ Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower with safe scratching posts is exactly what you’re looking for.

Featuring an interactive hanging ball, 2 warm condo retreats, and 3 comfortable perches, the kitten climbing tower provides your small to medium cats with endless playing and relaxing fun.

Made from premium particleboard with soft and skin-friendly flannel covering, the modern cat house will encourage your kitties to curl up on their own palace rather than bother your valuable furniture.

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Buying the Right Cat Tree

– Capacity

Cats can be friendly with each other, but are still territorial animals. For this reason, cat trees are an optimal choice to give cats that additional space – vertically. When looking for cat trees, make sure there are more than enough perches, condos, or platforms to go around so they won’t have to compete for spot.

– Size

Especially when your perch has a border or ledge, cats like to rest their head on them while napping. This allows them to use perches that are a bit shorter than their body’s length. Our recommendation is to find a cat tree with perches that are at least ¾ the length of your cat.

– Construction

We’ve seen industrial staples, glue, nails, bolts, and screws used to hold cat trees together. Most of these fasteners do a great job of holding everything together. Just make sure that none of these are exposed on the surface of the cat tree that would hurt your cat.

– Stability

Our recommendation is to look for a cat tree that is on the heavier side, the heavier the better. You can try putting it in a corner so at least you will have 2 directions topple-proofed. Another trick is to put them on flooring instead of carpet. If all else fails, you can install corner braces, furniture straps, or even add weight onto the base.



– Scratching Posts covered with Natural sisal ropes.

– Snug cubbyholes where cats use as places of nap away.

– Resting perch, a cat’s favourite place to relax.

– Ramp and toys for playing

– Assembly: mostly slotting posts into holes or tightening screws together.

– Selecting cat trees with neutral colors such as gray or beige will also make it fit your furniture.


Overall Dimension: 19.7″L x 9.7″W x 59.4″H


Grey with Paw Print


Particleboard + Flannel + Natural Sisal

Overall Dimensions:

19.7"L x 19.7"W x 59.8"H

Diameter of Perch Platform:


Net Weight:

31.5 lb

Maximum Weight Capacity:

20 lb

12 reviews for 60″ Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower Kitten Condo House with Scratching Posts, Grey with Paw Print

    June 8, 2022
    I really liked the color of this cat condo, since it's a darker gray and doesn't get as dingy-looking as the lighter-colored ones eventually get with use. I have two young adult cats, and they really enjoyed this; since I will be moving long distance this year, in an effort to declutter in preparation for selling my co-op, I donated the cat condo to friends who foster stray cats. They have many kittens, and I think this cat condo is really better for little cats. It did come with a wall anchor, but I never used it, not wanting to drill into the wall. It's constructed of super-heavy cardboard covered with fur fabric and sisal rope, and two rambunctious adult cats gave it a bit more wear and tear than I felt was acceptable after less than a year.
    Angel Heart
    June 8, 2022
    This is a wonderful item and I do rescue work and have for almost my entire life so I know a thing or two about kitties. This cat tree is super cool. They love to hide on each other and play on it. It has multiple scratchers that are good to have and when sprayed with "catnip spray" come in pretty handy if you're worried about your furniture. The plush carpeting on it is so comfy for them, they often stay on it for hours. All cat owners should know that it's in their genetics to be in high places at times. They need places like that to thrive and be truly happy indoors. We have multiple shelving and steps for them to be up very high if they wish, but this tree is a good height for them as well. The price is outstanding, as most cat trees are much more expensive and many folks just cannot afford that these days especially. The perches are stuffed and extremely comfy for them. The only thing I would suggest to the manufacterer is putting one or two extra "hammock hooks" into the bag of screws etc. that is sent with it. The nests are adorable and we have one large cat that just loves trying to fit in small areas (boxes & such) and he curls up in them and it's hysterical. Loads of fun for them and loads of love from their human family. Two paws up for me & our feline family!
    May 22, 2022
    Our 4 cats were exploring this while I was putting it together. The baskets & perches are a big hit! One cat slept curled up in a basket for hours the first day. Did take at least 3 hours to put together. Helps to sort all parts first & identify them somehow. I felt one of the bolts at the bottom was too long, it stuck out from bottom of cave (above hammock) so I found a shorter bolt replacement. The cat tree seems stable so far, the wall securing strap is a good option if needed. Good for smallish-medium cats like ours (around 10 lbs.).
    March 26, 2022
    All my cats love this! They say around watching me put it together. Once I placed the tree they were all up and inside of it or kneeing the beds. I had to buy another one to match ?. I even bought a third one for my grandson for his kitties. Thank you so much! These are beautiful as well as comfy!

    Susanna Fisher
    March 6, 2022
    I have 3 large cats. They all like their new tree. The tree was very easy to put together. My hopes are that the tree lasts a while. I always have trouble with the beds tilting after time. The posts on this tree are small so I’m concerned that this won’t last long. I do like that the lower bed has extra support (2 posts). It’s hard to find a good cat tree for large cats even when they claim it’s made for large cats. I wish someone would make a tree that really is built for large cats where all beds are bigger, like 18 inches, and had extra support such as 2 or more posts to keep the beds secure and stable. Hence, the reason I didn’t give it 5 stars since there’s room for improvement.
    September 5, 2021
    This cat tree has been a life saver for our two new kittens. The shipping was extremely fast and it only took me about a half hour to assemble it. They LOVE it and we put it in front of the window for wildlife watching. It’s a favorite and comfy nap spot for them.I would definitely recccomend.
    60" Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower Kitten Condo House with Scratching Posts, Grey with Paw Print photo review
    Stephanie L Bryant
    May 11, 2021
    My cat loves it
    60" Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower Kitten Condo House with Scratching Posts, Grey with Paw Print photo review
    May 8, 2021
    Nice and tall, nice and sturdy (even for a pretty hefty cat or two!)
    60" Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower Kitten Condo House with Scratching Posts, Grey with Paw Print photo review
    Eugenia Martinez
    April 3, 2021
    Easy to assemble, sturdy and our cats love it :)
    60" Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower Kitten Condo House with Scratching Posts, Grey with Paw Print photo review
    March 30, 2021
    Cats absolutely love it. They play lay and sleep in their new Kitty condo
    Deborah Adams
    September 2, 2020
    I am very happy with this purchase. It is very stable. Much more then my last one which had platforms that wobbled a bit even after being tightened. I saw reviews about missing hardware. I had all mine plus an extra of each that were used the most. Because of the screws everything fits very tightly. I was concerned because the bottom platform looked smaller than my previous one but it is no problem. I do not even feel the need to anchor it to the wall. The assembly is a bit involved but not really complicated. I had no problems & I am 59 with arthritis issues. Well worth the price. One thing I would change would be to have the platforms a bit wider because the cats have to zig zag to get to the upper levels. I have kittens but they will figure it out. Older cats may figure it out quicker. Other than that one change I think it is fabulous & my cats were on it before I could finish the top so it has their approval also.
    March 10, 2019
    This is the first cat tree I have purchased. I spent hours looking through a lot of cat tree pictures and reading the reviews. There were only seven reviews on this one. But with the plush beds, hammock, cozy baskets and two condos I knew this was the one. (The condo walls are not solid, the sides are only fabric.) Easy to put together and sturdy construction. My cat is 8 months old and he is still kinda small. He loves to sleep in the baskets. We, love love love it!
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