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36” Tall Cat Scratching Post with Burlap Sisal, Square


In order to keep healthy, all cats need 15 minutes of exercise per day. Our cat scratcher posts are designed specifically for cats that need exercise and scratch claws. This is an interactive playground specially made for your cat to have fun and consume its energy.

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Keep your pet entertained with this sisal scratching post which features a sturdy base made from wood for enhanced stability covered in a soft plush material. This burlap cat scratching post is wrapped in a natural sisal material so cats can sharpen their claws to prevent them from breaking or splitting. It can also help protect your furniture and carpets from damage due to the natural scratching habit of your cat. This scratching post is perfect for the average cat to properly stretch their neck and back. Plus, the sturdy and weighted base eliminates tipping and wobbling.


  • Simple and practical Tower: This cat scratching post is a great addition to your house
  • Wide usage: 36.22″ sisal cat scratcher is suitable for cats of all ages
  • High quality materials: Made from sisal fiber and particleboard covered in soft plush material
  • Stable structure: Sturdy and wide base for adding stability and eliminating wobbling
  • Sharpen claws: Helps cats sharpen their claws to prevent them from breaking or splitting
  • Prevent scratches: Protect your furniture and carpets from the natural scratching habit of cat
  • Easy to move: Lightweight square pillar can easily move around
  • Easy assembly: There is a detailed installation manual for you



Particleboard + Sisal

Net Weight

13.23 LBS

Overall Dimensions

23.62”L x 23.62”W x 27.56”H

Roof Dimensions

7.87”L x 7.87”W

Bottom Dimensions

23.62”L x 23.62”W

Pillar Dimensions

6.50”L x 6.50”W

12 reviews for 36” Tall Cat Scratching Post with Burlap Sisal, Square

    36” Tall Cat Scratching Post with Burlap Sisal, Square photo review
    Erika L.
    September 3, 2021
    I have two kittens who are currently 4 months old and they use the scratcher constantly. They play on it and use it appropriately. It doesn’t rock or move around. I would recommend to others.
    A. Patterson
    August 21, 2021
    Our cat loves this. Its tall enough for the cat to stand on its back legs and stretch and scratch at it. Completely stopped using our furniture.
    July 7, 2021
    I have a large cat that was too big for the tiny scratching posts I could find in stores. This is sturdy enough for my big guy to perch on.
    Lori M. Hess
    July 1, 2021
    This is exactly what my cats needed. They are long and large and this is perfect for them. IT is sturdy, easy to put together, and is exactly what I was looking for when I started searching for larger model scratching posts!
    June 21, 2021
    Before I purchased, I read comments about the unexpected large size of this scratching post. Well, let me tell you that the larger size is what is needed. With that 2 foot base, you don't have to worry about tipping. If these things are not sturdy and they tip even a little, some cats may shy away from using it. The tall post is nice because my cat likes to stand on her rear legs and stretch all the way up to the top when scratching, which is why she liked scratching the couch. Because of this product, I may be able to remove the cardboard shell that I have wrapped my sides of the couch in to prevent visible damage.
    36” Tall Cat Scratching Post with Burlap Sisal, Square photo review
    Kevin Knoben
    May 31, 2021
    Only complaint is it is NOT beige, it is a yellow/gold in color! It’s really the only reason for a lower star rating. My cat loves it, it’s a great replacement for my bar stools. I just wouldn’t have gotten it had I known it’s true color.
    Jonathan C Swift
    May 27, 2021
    36” Tall Cat Scratching Post with Burlap Sisal, Square photo review
    36” Tall Cat Scratching Post with Burlap Sisal, Square photo review
    36” Tall Cat Scratching Post with Burlap Sisal, Square photo review
    May 21, 2021
    I didn’t realize a scratching post came in such huge sizes! I was mainly looking at the height of the post and didn’t pay attention to the fact that the base is a whopping 2 feet square! A little big for my taste but maybe that’s my fault for not checking on that.

    The sisal mat material (the part they are supposed to scratch) is a nice tight sturdy material that should last a while. The “plush” covering is not strong at all though. I’ve had it less than 3 weeks and you can see that part is no longer in tact. Very poor design decision.

    The color of the plush material doesn’t particularly appeal to me. It has kind of an orange-y color that probably doesn’t match any interior from the last 40 years. I was hoping for more of a subdued tan, like khaki pants from the Gap or something.

    The build feels very solid. There are just 4 screws I think. It’s pretty simple to put together although I do have a complaint about it. The base is folded in half in the box. No problem there but it seems like it should fold in the opposite direction because it’s flopping around when you’re trying to put it together.

    The cats are enjoying it, and it’s big enough that one can sit on the top.
    rusty schroeckenstein
    May 10, 2021
    Just what i wanted. a great addition to my living room!
    jennifer koch
    May 7, 2021
    Cats love it! It's huge
    Katrina L. Hastings
    April 28, 2021
    My cats love this tower.
    36” Tall Cat Scratching Post with Burlap Sisal, Square photo review
    Eric Simpson
    April 24, 2021
    Very nice made Cat Scratch tower. I was skeptical cause it was just recently posted but I'm happy I went for it. The base is very large that my 15lb 8mo old male cat don't even tip it over. This is the first day I have had it so I'll adjust review if I have future problems, but as of right now, very happy with it. Absd so are my 5 cats.
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