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36″High 3-Level Cat Tree Tower Condo, Beige with Paw Patterns


This cat tree is a magic castle of leisure and also a park and cozy nest wrapped with soft and comfortable flannel for your lovely cat.

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This cat tree is a magic castle of leisure and also a park and cozy nest wrapped with soft and comfortable flannel for your lovely cat. The posts wrapped by natural sisal ropes can not only prevent the cat condo from shaking, but also keep cats scratching away from your furniture, curtains, cushions, etc. Easy assembly and good stability are assured. Try and bring this wonderful gift for your little pet friend!



  • Cats Leisure Center: 2 platforms, 1 play tunnel, 1 dangling toy fish, 1 cozy nest
  • Healthy & Durable: premium chipboard frame, sturdy, odorless and non-toxic
  • Comfy Touch: thick flannel and plush wrapping, warm and comfortable

  • Carefree Scratching: reinforced posts with natural sisal rope
  • Great Balance: good gravity distribution, no wobbling or toppling, no loose parts
  • Easy Assembly: detailed instructions, simple assembling steps

Beige with Paw Print


Particleboard,Natural Sisal Rope and Soft Plush

Overall Dimensions

15"L x 14.5"W x 35.6"H

Top Board Dimensions

9.65"L x 9.65"W

Lower Board Dimensions

11.8"L x 11.8"W

Particleboard Thickness


Net Weight

10.36 LBS

Load Capacity

22 LBS

11 reviews for 36″High 3-Level Cat Tree Tower Condo, Beige with Paw Patterns

    Chas Law
    June 9, 2022
    Assembled quickly and easily. As soon as it was in place my cat was all over it. Every level and the box was carefully explored. The fluffy mouse on elastic was pinged mercilessly. He's on it a LOT! He loves it and we are enjoying watching him on it. There is one however, however. Be conscious of placement. Considering it's height, when the cat is doing his "wild" thing and leaps from the top level, the base is not large enough to prevent the whole thing toppling over. Simple leverage of him pushing off is enough to throw it to the ground or up against whatever is beside it. So, as far as functionality is concerned it does what it's supposed to but it could have really done with a larger base for increased stability. I can't ask my cat to jump from it gently!
    June 9, 2022
    We had ordered this cat tree when we rescued a kitten, she was too small at first to climb it and play. As she got older she loves it , plays on it all the time, lays and naps on the top as she looks out the window. She is a small-medium cat 7-8 lbs and this cat tree is perfect for her. The mouse does come off, but that is not a problem as my husband just staples it back on. The mouse comes off because she does attack it quite viciously and hangs from it for the kill :-).
    The tree is easy to put together, took us maybe 15 min, instructions are easy to read, and the pet tree is quite durable, we ordered this same cat tree right after Christmas for a second place to put it where she can be in the some room with us. The height is perfect too, the cubby hole is great hiding place or nap time place, great stretching /scratching posts up and down the tree.
    Would highly recommend for the price and product is durable, I feel we received our moneys worth and that is why we now have 2 of the these pet trees. Plus Kitty loves it too, happy pet , happy life !!
    Morgan Fratto
    June 2, 2022
    Bought this a while back for my sister’s cat. Needless to say she loved it and would spend hours sleeping on it. She used it to have some peace away from the puppy, too.
    Very sturdy and loved well by a sweet black cat.
    Tara Garipoli
    June 1, 2022
    Very good quality. Instructions and assembly were a breeze. My kittens and cat loves it. Super soft material and very sturdy. Insanely good price! It’s taller than my headboard so I’m hoping my cats will use it instead of my headboard.
    December 2, 2021
    Had cats before and never bought one of these when they were kittens. It's generally too late after they're adults. My previous cats DESTROYED so much furniture, can't begin to describe it. So I got this ASAP for my tiny kitten. He is now 4 months old and adores this. No clawing of furniture, he goes straight for this when he gets the clawing URGE! And climbs, jumps, hides, even that little dangle mouse is STILL intact despite some serious attacks! Great price, sturdy for now. I don't know about a 20lb cat, but for most? It's great! Blessings
    November 24, 2020
    BUY THIS CAT TREE! It’s solid and big enough for any adult cat. Our cat loves it! And the price was stupidly cheap. I am so happy we bought this.
    Amazon Customer
    May 9, 2020
    First, let me just say that our cat was so excited even before we had it fully assembled. We previously owned a cat tree from this same manufacturer and he clearly remembered how much he loved that one. The entire time we were assembling this cat tree we had to keep setting him aside because all he wanted to do was climb and play on it.

    If he were reviewing this cat tree he'd likely give it a solid 5/5

    The pros are that our cat clearly loves it. It was super simple to assemble and we had it up and ready for our cat (despite his distractions) in a matter of minutes.

    The cons are that the entire thing isn't quite as stable as it could be. We had to put weights on the bottom so that when he lunges onto the thing or gets to playing too hard he doesn't knock it over. It would be nice if the bottom was weighted or if it came with some kind of anchor. It's not super bad, but if your cat plays HARD like ours does you'll likely want to either anchor it to the wall or floor or invest in some sort of weight to hold it down.

    Sturdiness is pretty solid, but the reason we had to replace our old one was that one of our kids sat on it while playing with the cat. The materials these are made of will easily handle the weight of a cat but pretty much anything else and you'll crush it. You also have to be careful when assembling the cat tree because if you strip one of the pre-drilled holes you're pretty much up a creek.

    Over all I do highly recommend this cat tree. It's super affordable and well enough made for the money.
    September 18, 2019
    My cat likes to sit on the top level and watch the birds he sleeps up there also I've had this several months now. The fake toy mouse on a bungee cord has not broke yet we need to build cars out of whatever that thing is made of because my cat has beat the ever-living bejesus out of it. It's one tough toy. The rope wrapping has been very successful allowing the cat to scratch its nails on it without trading the other furniture. The only thing they're strange is he will not go in the little cat house I don't know why put them in there several times and he almost fights me to get back out it's actually humorous. Yet he sleeps and hides and smaller darker places very weird but the man that figures out cats will already be rich and famous because he will have already figured out women also.
    LaDlae King
    August 23, 2019
    So I did tons of looking at reading reviews trying to decide which post to get. I absolutely love this post it’s sterdy and perfect for us. Good value for the price
    Picky Buyer
    April 24, 2017
    The unit is good, with one slight design issue -- tiers 2 and 3 align very closely, meaning that cats must kind of leap away and up, while twisting back to make the third tier. Plus, the fabric is a fur texture, instead of rope or carpet--it will not survive serious clawing for long. That means that cats without claws are fine for the fabric, but cats with claws will probably tear up the fabric as they grab into it to leap up to the top 2 tiers. However, cats without claws will have issues trying to make it up to the third tier because they cannot grab into the fabric, and must do a leaping twist to get up. Because of all that, and because we have a senior kitty who isn't as spry as she used to be, I re-coated the top two tiers with a beige heavy-duty carpeting fabric. It will endure claws, and the cats can really dig into it to climb up to the top 2 tiers.

    And, the cat who appears to like it to most is our senior kitty, who loves laying on the top tier, or using it to get onto the top of the bookcase it sits next to.

    The modifications required some wood glue, and 2 2.5ft x 2.5ft carpet squares, and was easy to do.
    October 30, 2015
    I wrote a review on a larger cat tree made by the same manufacturer. Pretty much every cat tree I have ever seen made by a retail company suffers from the same issues. Crap material and few connection points combined with large structure size results in an expensive rickety contraption. However, the smaller the tree is, the more sturdy they tend to be. The problem with small trees is that they are not perfect for large cats. This tree seems to be a good compromise. It's big enough for larger cats. It's fairly unobtrusive, and because it's smaller, its less wobbly than larger versions. The $40 price tag on this from Amazon really is a good price. Try finding this tree in a pet store for that price. This tree may not be as fancy as larger ones. But if you don't have the time or wherewithal to maintain a larger tree, this one will probably hold up pretty OK with cats up to maybe 17lbs. It provides scratching posts, a private box for napping, and some different plat forms to play around on. To be honest, I half wonder if the bigger trees really are not built more for human interests than the cats. I'm not certain that cats particularly care how large and fancy the trees are so long as they have a place to play, nap and scratch. This is a pretty good buy.
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