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24″ High Folding Safety Pet Fence for Dogs, Light Espresso


How to prevent your pets from entering the baby room without restricting their freedom? Or would you like to enclose a specific activity area for them? All you need is a folding pet fence which is stable enough to constrain your pet’s activity area.

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How to prevent your pets from entering the baby room without restricting their freedom? Or would you like to enclose a specific activity area for them?

All you need is a folding pet fence which is stable enough to constrain your pet’s activity area. This 24″ fence can be used to block off stairs, doorways and wide openings while ensuring your pet’s certain sphere of activity. Crafted with New Zealand pinewood, it is eco-friendly, sturdy and elegant. With 360° movable hinges, it could be adjusted to form different shapes according to concrete needs as well.

If you want to keep some places of your house away from your pet’s exploration, this freestanding safety fence will be no doubt a necessity!


  • Good Helper for Confine Your Pets: 24″ high, adequate length, proper post gap
  • 360 Degree Folding: fitting for different spots, stable standing, handy storing and transport
  • New Zealand Solid Pinewood: eco-friendly, sturdy and durable
  • Excellent Reliability: smooth stainless hinges, premium lacquer finish, no crack or deforming
  • DIY Potential: easy detachment, simple structure
  • No Assembling Required: instant use after unpacking



Light Espresso


New Zealand Pinewood

Fully Extended Dimensions

54.33"L x 24"H

Folded Dimensions

Approx. 17.91"L x 24"H x 2.50"T (thickness)

Single Panel Size

17.91"L x 24"H

Gap between Fence Posts

Approx. 2"

Net Weight

4.17 LBS

13 reviews for 24″ High Folding Safety Pet Fence for Dogs, Light Espresso

    marie s
    June 9, 2022
    This gate is very light weight which I like for my needs. I have a small geriatric dog who needs to be kept from rugs due to accidents. I am able to move it where I need it and walk in and out of it near my front door and area rugs.

    My dog has no desire to move it or knock it over, but I can see where it would be a problem with a more active or bigger dog.
    June 9, 2022
    I absolutely love ? my pet gate. The light brown finish goes well with my hallway and works great as a pet gate for entryway. Great quality I’m so glad I ordered this gate. I use this gate to block off an entryway for my cat and I am able to easily open and close gate to enter and exit room. The gate is very well made and looks nice ??I highly recommend this gate ?
    Amazon Customer
    June 9, 2022
    Cons-dog can easily push out of the way. You are not using this to block anything unless very small area. It does work for me tho because of where I have it wedged. Length is nice. I am five foot tall and can walk over it. Dog does chew on it and it seems pretty durable so far.
    Cheri H.
    June 9, 2022
    I love this gate. I bought 2 of them and am ordering 2 more. They might not be suitable for most dogs. but my 16 year old yorkie is blind form cataracts and these gates keep her from getting stuck in places she can't get out of. I can confine her to safe areas of my home. I can block off areas that, for a little blind dog, would be a frustrating maze to get out of. Right now i have 3 gates to block 3 doorways so that i can confine her to the kitchen and dining room when I'm gone. I'm getting 2 more so i can put them around the dining table and 4 chairs, i.e., 20 legs to bump into! I worry that when i'm gone that she'll get stuck in the maze of legs and not be able to find her way back to her bed or water dish.
    Jen M
    June 9, 2022
    I honestly didn't think I'd like this gate when it arrived. But now I love it. We've been using it over a month now, and it's perfect for puppy training. Puppy knocked it over in first few days and was scared of noise it made on tile floor. I can now use it to block off stairs, carpeted area or other dog eating and puppy doesn't cross the boundary. He will soon be big enough to jump over it ;) but perfect for what we needed it for. Highly recommend and it seems like it will last many years to use again in future.
    April 25, 2022
    I previously ordered 2 of the "internet's best traditional pet gate" on the site. The are really sturdy and heavyweight. This gate is much much more lightweight and not as tall. That wasn't an issue for this location but could be in other locations. Seems well made - just light weight. I put rubber pads on the bottom and it stopped it from falling over which was kind of problem before!
    V. Martinez
    April 18, 2022
    I don't like the look of doggie gates. This one is way better. It is lightweight and easy to fold. It keeps my pug from going into the living room. I wouldn't recommend it for dogs that are bigger or would knock it down. My guy is older and won't even try. It was perfect for my needs.
    Mo Telle
    November 17, 2021
    You can set up this gate anywhere. We have 3 small dogs that LOVE company, so we wall them off when needed. We keep this gate up at all times in our hallway, because the dogs don't need the run of the house.
    Cheri K, Kansas
    September 21, 2021
    This gate was used to keep puppy from going downstairs. The look was nicer than my using a laundry basket and a bucket to close off the stairs leading to the basement. The cat who likes to sleep downstairs could open the gate but unfortunately didn't close it. This gate would not work for a big dog that would jump on it.
    Judith Jacoby
    August 19, 2021
    I bought this gate to spread across the door leading to my finished basement. I am fostering two cats and while they are not feral and are very social, I wanted to slowly introduce them to my two cats. In this way they could look at each other and get to know each other. I like the fact that the gate is free standing and required no construction or nails. It is also versatile and I will be able to use it, if necessary, in other parts of the house.
    July 21, 2021
    Unfortunately, our new puppy who is just over 2 1/2 lbs. can fit thru it. (for now)
    July 11, 2021
    Worth the price! I wasn't sure at first, but I was tired of scuffing up door jambs with the other type of gate. We use it to block off our formal living room from our dogs when we're not home. It's worked, and we even bought a second one. Now, if they want to get by it, they will, but that's been rare.
    Kenneth E. Pritchett
    April 15, 2021
    These gates are exactly what they say they are and look like on the Amazon picture. I love these gates, they are lightweight, easy to store and easy to just stand in place. They can be setup in unlimited formations to work anywhere. They won’t keep a dog out that wants to jump on them but I have 5 grand dogs and when they come over I set them up and no dog has ever tried to knock them over. It keeps them out of the rooms I don’t want them in. These are fairly inexpensive and work great.
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