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2-Tier Wood Pet Dog Cat House with a Roofed View Deck


Give your furry friend a luxury retreat right in your own backyard or garden with this 2-Tier Wood Pet Dog House with a Roofed View Deck.

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Love every furry friend as we can. We do our best to create cozy and premium pet supplies including cat trees, rabbit hutches, dog kennels, chicken coops, cat litter boxes, and other animal products, aiming to keep your pet families healthy, safe, active, and happy in your backyard, patio, garden, or indoor living areas. From when they’re tiny and helpless to when they’re older and in need of extra care, your pets are always the first at COZIWOW.

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2-Tier Cat/Puppy Pet House

Luxury wood pet house in gray and white

Give your furry friend a luxury retreat right in your own backyard or garden with this 2-Tier Wood Pet Cat House with a Roofed View Deck. This wooden pet dog shelter features an enclosed room and a roofed top balcony, providing your four-legged family member a cozy, warm and safe place to sleep and rest.

  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor use
  • Spacious enclosed room for cozy rest and sleep
  • An open entrance for easy access
  • Elevated balcony with roof and safe fences
  • Side stair to reduce the fear of climbing up and down
  • Raised bottom for easy clean
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COZIWOW, as a brand of pet lovers, is committed to providing a diverse range of better and safer pet supplies to create a valuable connection between humans and pets.

Our mission is to light up your pets’ life concerning their comfort, health, and well-being.

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Equipped with felt roof, it can prevents your friend from getting wet even in the rainy. Top roof is covered with asphalt for enhanced weather protection. It will keep your furry friends dry and safe.

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The 2-layer designed house will be a perfect place for both exercising and resting. With sturdy side stairs and adorable balcony bed, your pet will surely love it and have a good sunbathing on it.

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This wooden pet playhouse with second floor platform inside to make much fun for pets. Spacious and separate space for 1-3 cats and other small pets.

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Combination of modern colors, extreme weather design keeps outdoor pets warm down to the lowest temperatures in winter. Water-proof painting material structure,not easy to be rust and decay.

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2-Tier Wood Pet Dog Cat House with a Roofed View Deck 9bae321a 762e 46fa a5bc 469c9c3f847e. CR00970300 PT0 SX970 V1
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Grey and White 

Net Weight

24.2 lbs 



Overall Dimensions

30.1"L x 19.6"W x 29.3"H

Ladder Dimensions

18.7"H x 7.4"W 

Upper Fence Height


Main House Dimensions 

22.6"L x 15.1"W x 15.3"H

Gate Dimensions

10.2"H x 10.2"W 

Roof Dimensions

30.1"L x 19.6"W 

14 reviews for 2-Tier Wood Pet Dog Cat House with a Roofed View Deck

    June 10, 2022
    This little kitty house is wonderful!! I have four feral cats that I have cared for, for years. I live in Oregon, where the falls, winters and springs are very wet and sometimes snowy. I hated that my kitties would have to seek shelter under an overhang of my house. Since buying this about 2 months ago, we’ve had more rain than usual, and my kitties LOVE IT!! I check the inside frequently and it’s dry as a bone! The slanted roof and raised sides keep the rain from going off the edges and just let’s it roll of the back. The roof lifts up and has a locking hinge so you don’t have to hold it to clean the inside or change out bedding. It comes with a thin wooly mat for the inside that is a thick nylon type material on the underside. I see that there is also a heated mat that I intend on buying for it in the future. This house is super sturdy, and I love the little flower box on the side and can’t wait to plant cat grass and catnip in it in the spring. My neighbor assembled it for me and he added some drill holes to the bottom of the flower box for drainage. There is an escape door in the back that is similar to a kitty door in case some other small animal tries to come in when they’re in there, but, the openings are small enough that a full sized raccoon or skunk could not fit. (I have both raccoons and skunks around my house as well as the occasional coyote!). I love that I know that my kitties are safe in there. There are small circle windows in it so it lets in some light and they can also look out. You can remove one of the circular plexiglass windows to put a cord through for adding the heated mat or a small camera (which I can’t wait to spy on them in there! Lol!)
    The construction is SO STURDY! My neighbor who put it together is a construction guy and he was really impressed with both the craftsmanship and how well it is built.
    Overall I am so pleased with this purchase! My four ferals fit in it well, and two of them are pretty portly! Lol! Of course, they pile up on each other, but I think even if they didn’t, they would all fit comfortably. They all went in it within a day of it being put up.
    I would highly recommend this product to anyone with outside kitties or ferals!! And even though it was for my kitties, it came just before Christmas and felt like a gift for me! ? ? ?‍⬛ ❤️
    Nichole Sawatzky
    June 10, 2022
    We needed something outside and safe for our two cats to snuggle at night and stay warm. The swinging door is not awesome and the larger cat has trouble getting out, but they both fit with tons of room instead and learned quickly how to get in and out the doors - even the flaps. We would lift the lid and put them inside, and then let them figure out how to get out. It only took a couple of days. One cat is about 18 pounds, the other is less than a year old and about 10 pounds. They will have plenty of room when he is full grown. There is also a little bit of water that gets in the doors but nothing significant. We keep it under the awning of the house for extra shelter. Not tremendously warm but that doesnt matter much for outside cats in an environment that does not get to freezing very often.
    June 10, 2022
    I like that it feels sturdy. It is not so heavy that I can't lift it and move it around by myself. It took me maybe an hour to put it together. The directions are very very good, very simple and doable.

    My cats are now garage cats. It's very cold now here, usually about 20 degrees F. Even in the garage it's really pretty chilly so I wanted to get something to make the cats happier. I bought two heating pads as well. They had been sitting for a while, I was planning to make a box to hold the heating pads and serve as a cathouse. A few days ago I decided it was so cold I wanted to just solve the issue for my cats so I bought the house. I put one heating pad inside the house and the other one on top of a piece of plywood (to serve as insulation to prevent the melting of the asphalt on the roof) on top of the house.

    The cats seem to be getting used to it. At first I opened the roof for a while and put the cats inside it to try to get them used to it. One of them took to the inside of the house but didn't like the roof to be closed. After a couple of days she stayed when I closed the roof. Then I put another heating pad on top of the house and the other cat took to that. Before the cathouse they used to sleep together on a pillow in a little bookshelf and the inside of the house is actually physically big enough for both of them. But I guess as long as they're happy it's fine for me if they don't want to sleep together like cute kittens.

    Knowing what I know now I would probably buy a smaller simpler house, there's one that costs about $85. And that would have solved my problem and it would have been easier to put together. And I believe aside from bells and whistles (like the balcony and the awning) it's just as big a sheltered space as this one. I really don't recommend buying the bigger version of this, which I did almost buy because after all I do have two cats. I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't really have liked that, but I guess I never will know for sure. This is adequate for my two cats, and something simple would have been sufficient as well.

    I opened two of the three holes designed for power wires (including one through which I actually put a wire, and the other one was the highest hole available) and I removed the vinyl door, because I want there to be more fresh air flow so it doesn't feel so claustrophobic. I figured that if one hole is high that is better for natural air flow--since there will naturally be a dynamic where air is heated and goes outside. That was part of the process of making them happier with the house.

    So yes I certainly like this cathouse and I also like that it is theoretically weatherproof in case some day I decide to actually use it outside.
    Debra Crafton
    June 10, 2022
    I purchased this for my feral colonies food bowl and water bowl. They sleep under a house with a very small crawl space. I needed someplace to keep their food dry and out of the elements. It’s rather thin walled and wouldn’t provide adequate protection from freezing temperatures unless you added some foam insulation panels on all four sides. It does a good job of keeping the food dry though.
    April 28, 2022
    This house was fairly easy to assemble without any WRITTEN instructions, just pictures to go by. The house itself is very nice but if you are using it outdoors without any extra coverage you will have to waterproof it with caulk. I removed the front flaps as the cats would not go in it with them up. I like the small covered holes on the sides . The cat uses them as windows...lol. I also added some insulation on the inside walls for extra warmth . They will not use the back door either . I guess because it is too heavy so I just sealed it up with caulk. I like the hinge on the roof as it makes it easy to clean and in the summer can be opened for circulation . Over all I think it is somewhat over priced , $50.00 would be a better price but the cats like it and with some adjustments it works fine to offer them protection from the cold and rain . I did not put the window box on it so maybe sell a version without it at a lower price.
    Football Mom
    April 12, 2022
    My husband put this together easily and it didn't take long. It does not leak and the doors keep the inside dry. We have an outdoor cat who is kind of wild somewhat feral and he is in it every night. I like that there is a spot to feed a cord through so in the Winter we can put a heating pad in there for him. It is well made and I like the look. We live in a remote area in the mountains and the door is too small for a coyote to get in which is a threat to kitties here. There is an escape door so if something does get in (bobcat maybe) he has a way to get out. Worth the money in my opinion.
    Amazon Customer
    August 16, 2021
    We purchased two cat houses for an outside cat. Of the two, this product had better prefabricated parts. Assembly was easy but it helps to have four hands although three may suffice. Parts went together square thanks to properly aligned dowel joints.
    The result is a sturdy structure.
    Christina Caugherty
    September 27, 2020
    Perhaps through shipping, 2 of the pieces were cracked and broken when I opened the product. Assembly was a little confusing but all in all, it took about an hour to unpack and assemble it. Roomy inside the cat house. I would say big enough for 2 normal size cats. My neighborhood drives by it and all commented on how nice it was. I am satisfied with the product other than the 2 broken pieces. I would recommend buying it again.
    Amy Stover
    July 27, 2020
    The size and features of this outdoor cat house are wonderful, once you get it built. While it says that it should take you about 30 minutes to assemble, my experience was much different. The directions are pictograph and in black and white, meaning some things are difficult to distinguish. Not all areas that need to be screwed in have either a pre-drilled mark or even a visual cue as to where to attach. It all worked out in the end and I hope it is a comfort to the feral cat outside this winter. But 30 minutes is not a reasonable expectation for the first time builder, manage your expectations.
    July 21, 2020
    I use these for outdoor cat shelters. They are easy to put together, nice looking, and that cats like them. The second one I bought (featured here) is slightly smaller than the first one, but that is fine for keeping the heat in during the chilly nights. This one is much easier to get in and change out the straw; the roof lifts right up with ease. I had some half inch thick Styrofoam sheets that I used to line it for winter use. Cats typically like two doors, but my cats do not like the "flap type" door, so I propped it open halfway. That did the trick. Very satisfied!
    October 2, 2019
    Timely delivery, easy to construct (done by my kids), and provides a good shelter for our outdoor cats.
    Eugene E. Smith
    October 1, 2019
    The house arrived, well packed with clear instructions. Assembly was straight forward with only a Philips screwdriver required. It's now in place as a winter home to a small group of trap-and-release feral cats we care for.
    renie holik
    September 19, 2019
    I bought this little house for three feral kittens that were orphaned when their mommy died. I wanted something that would protect them during the winter and when it rains. All of the kittens love to sit on the ledges and go in the doors to the house itself. One feature that I really like is that there are two escape places so in case another animal gets in the house, they can get out without getting hurt. I also bought the blankets that keep in body heat for when it’s really cold I recommend this house to protect your kitty babies!
    Zara Stanfield
    September 4, 2019
    Feels sturdy and well made. Pretty simple to assemble. The instructions for attaching the roof pieces could’ve been more detailed but overall took about 30 minutes to finish assembling. I do wish there wasn’t so much packaging and styrofoam, it was excessive and didn’t seem necessary for the parts included.
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