Dogs are great companions for humans, and it’s of significance to build a good relationship between humans and dogs. Although dogs can’t express their feelings through words as humankind, we should still take top priority to their dislikes. Since we love our dogs so much, it is important to understand what they are thinking and not to let them sulk quietly at you.

As an owner, you must know your dog's preferences in order to make its life happy. Some of the trivia things in daily life may seem not a big deal, but they do matter for your dog. The following are 15 behaviors of people that dogs hate, which you are required to pay attention to:

  • Forcing it to make friends with other dogs
  • Touched by strangers
  • Going for a walk in a hurry
  • Giving it a tight hug
  • Not letting a dog sniff and explore on walks
  • Lack of routine
  • Lack of rules of praising and punishment
  • Leaving it alone at home for a long time
  • Noisy environment
  • Strong smell
  • Being upset
  • Dressing it up
  • The leash is too tight
  • Frequent shower
  • Touching the meat pads on the dog's paws
  • Throwing a ball at your dog indefinitely


 Forcing it to make friends with other dogs

Normally, dogs are more social than cats, but it doesn't mean that all dogs are equally sociable. A dog that appears to be friendly will not necessarily be friendly to all of its canine friends, especially if the dog believes its territory is being violated. If you are taking your dog for a walk and you encounter another aggressive dog, don't force them to necessarily get along. If both are hostile, keep in mind to separate them away, avoiding them to fight with each other.

Touched by strangers

Most the people dislike being touched by strangers, so do dogs. When taking the dog to go for a walk, you will find that even the kindest dogs won't like to be held and patted on the cheek by a stranger. Because in doing so, the dog will just feel uncomfortable and bored.

Going for a walk in a hurry

With the hectic lives of city dwellers, it's not really easy to walk your dog every day. But it is the most enjoyable time for your dog. If you are too busy to talk to your dog for a walk, it will upset your dog. Worse still, if you walk a dog in a hurried and perfunctory manner, the drive-by walk will only cause stress and bring no relaxation for your dog.

Giving it a tight hug

Stanley Coren, a professor in the Department of Psychology at Columbia University, and his team conducted a study on whether dogs like to be hugged. After analyzing 250 pictures of dogs being hugged, they found that 82% of them experienced anxiety or discomfort when being hugged by their owners. Signs of anxiety included tensing up, avoiding eye contact, drooping ears, or licking lips. For most dogs, being hugged means being in control. Your dog allows your cuddles because he loves you, not because he enjoys being cuddled. Short of the time you play with it

Usually, people buy a number of toys for training their ability to think. When you are not at home, your dog can play with them. However, as time goes by, it will undermine the relationship with your dogs. Dogs love the company of their owners and if they don't get enough playtime, they may develop behavioral deviations, such as aggression or anxiety.

Not letting a dog sniff and explore on walks

Dogs are fond of exploration. Taking it for a walk is a good way for it to exploring nature and get information. As we all know, humankind explores the world through all kinds of means. So, how do the dogs do it? Of course, the prerequisite is its nose. It’s easy to find that dogs always sniff here and there, which may be a signal of seeking food or something else. It’s unkind to drag it away the moment when it’s eager to sniff a tree or other things, which will make it unhappy.

Lack of routine

Dogs like to live with rules so they are happier: like going out for a walk, eating at a set time, etc.  

Lack of rules of praising and punishment

make sure the rules of praising and punishment suitable for your dogs. As a saying goes, nothing can be done without rules. Consequently, it will easily get confused and doesn’t know what should do and what shouldn’t do with these routines and rules.

Leaving it alone at home for a long time

Dogs love company, whether it's playing with them or taking them for a walk. In reality, however, we are often too busy working to spend time with our dogs. It can cause disappointment, loneliness, and separation anxiety for a dog, for having been left alone for a long time.

Noisy environment

It has been documented that many dogs can suffer from PTSD from fears that occurred in the past, like a terrible trauma that is hard for dogs to forget. Loud noises will also cause their fears, such as the sound of thunder, fireworks, or a powerful stereo. Therefore, you should create a quiet environment, which is beneficial and comfortable for both of you.

Strong smell

Dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than humans, and their sense of smell can recognize more than 2 million different types of odors, compared to the thousands that humans usually have, making them very sensitive to odors. For example, smells from perfume, detergents, vinegar, pepper are all very sensitive to dogs. When you use your own products (perfume, hairspray, air fresheners, cleaners, etc.), do so away from your dog and make sure the product is not toxic.

Being upset

Maybe you haven't noticed that dogs can actually feel it every time you throw a tantrum when you're upset. If you feel anxious, your dog will also have the same mood. Just like what we usually say: “the bad mood will deliver.” 

Dressing it up

The dog may be put on some cute or beautiful clothes by the owner. But have you ever thought about whether your dog likes it or not? On the contrary, a number of dogs hate to be dressed up, for it makes them feel uncomfortable.

The leash is too tight

A tight leash can cause stress, frustration, and tension for your dog. Conversely, a loose leash means calm and comfort. If you tug on it tightly while walking your dog, it will be a warning sign that he is ready to fight or run away. These are two of the creature's natural responses to threats.

Frequent shower

Dogs generally don't like baths very much (there are exceptions, of course), but they will like them even less if they are very frequent. They don't need to be bathed as often as humans do and they hate the scent of the bath, which robs them of their natural scent, which is what they like.

Touching the meat pads on the dog's paws

It's a very sensitive area for them, and if you scratch there, it can even make your dog itchy.

Throwing a ball at your dog indefinitely

Most dogs love the game of throwing a ball, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if this game is out of control, this will become a forced behavior on the dog.


To sum up, dogs are good friends of ours, we should take good care of them. Therefore, if you want to build a good relationship with your dog, just have a good understanding of its likes and dislikes.