10 Ways to Show Your Dog’s Love for You nice dog Dog blogs

Although your canine companion can’t speak, he will express his love for you with the following 10 ways that will help you test how important you are to your furry family member.

1. The wagging of the tail

The tail is a way for a dog to show his emotions. When being happy, he wags his tail like a propeller. The faster the tail wags, the happier the dog is with you.

2. Willing to be touched

Being willing to be toughed on the head is a sign that your dog loves and trusts you. If your dog is wary of you, he will actively avoid your hand.

3. Licking You

Lick is also a sign of acceptance. If you hold out your hand and the dog licks you, it is a sign of friendliness. If your dog licks you before you even put out your palm, it means that your dog is crazy about you!

Dogs love to lick people, dog-lovers should pay attention to regularly brushing or grinding their teeth, which can ensure their oral health. Busy owners can buy a molar stick or chicken jerky with the function of grinding to clean the dog’s mouth.

4. Like to please you

This kind of behavior can be trained by the owner. The experienced owner will let the dog practice repeatedly. When you go back home and open the door, the lovely dog rushes to you, revolves around you, pulls your legs, while making a sound like a child.

5. Show you his soft belly

The dog’s belly is very soft, but it is also the place where he has the weakest defense. If the dog dares to expose the belly around you and feels free to let you touch, it shows that the dog loves and trusts you deeply.

6. Be clingy to you

Dogs express their affection for you by being clingy, clinging to you, and acting as a follower wherever you go. If you are absorbed in working or playing, he will stand on your lap and ask for attention.

7. Be careful to lick the food

Try to test your dog’s affection for you by spreading the food in your palm. If your dog licks carefully, it means that he loves you and is afraid of biting you. If not, you should think carefully about whether you are not good enough for the dog or whether this guy is a simple greedy dog.

8. Care about the food being eaten

Many dogs have the instinct to protect their food. You can try to remove the food bowl while the dog is eating. If the dog doesn’t get mad at you or bark at you, it means that you have a high status in his mind. If on the contrary, it shows that the dog considers himself a “big man” and doesn’t take you seriously.

9. Wake you up every day

If the first thing your dog does when he wakes up is to run to your room and wake you up, or wait for you to get up, it means that you have become an indispensable part of his life. 

10. Be considerate to you

Dogs are very sensitive and can realize the emotions of their owners. If your dog is intelligent and highly trained, he will take the initiative to help the owner. When the owner is in a bad mood or down in spirits, he will either try to amuse you or stay quietly by your side.

Tips for dogs:

Dogs can only accompany you for ten years, please love your dog, and spend more time with them. Long-term feeding of commercial food that is too oily and salty while with low nutritional value, and contains additives will cause dogs to show depilation, tear marks, skin diseases, and kidney dysfunction.

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